Top 5 blog posts

I haven’t done this in a while, but watching the stats on my blog is interesting, and I have not posted the top 5 for a while. So here the posts which have received the highest traffic.

#1 from December 4, 2011 – Joy Webb’s We Need You Now

#2 is the most commented on a post I ever wrote  – a wonderful place for vacation and some of the best preachers of the day – The Canadian Keswick Conference which was a post I wrote a long time ago but was reposted

#3 a very recent post with a wonderful song Be Not Afraid

#4 is a sad post to say was viewed so much as it is the tribute to Lynn Russell,our good friend from Calgary who is now with the Lord

#5 is a wonderful post by The Salvation Army UKI Territory hosted by Major Anne Read and features an insightful video on the song From A Hill I Know

I decided to add this #6 just because at this time of the year it always gets a number of hits as it references pulling our trailer with a mini-van.


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