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The weekend is over – we are blessed.

This has been a wonderful weekend of ministry in the Maritime division, and specifically in the Halifax area. We shared devotions at DHQ, been the guests at Spryfield, Fairview, Halifax Citadel and Sackville. I spoke at a lovely musical evening at a local church and met many great people. There is much talent in this division.

My theme for the weekend was people of the resurrection and I mostly preached out of the book of Matthew. I also had the opportunity to do a fair amount of teaching.

Saturday Wendy was quite sick but we did take a quick drive out to Peggy’s Cove.  She stayed in the car while I got some good pictures and this short video!

Cougar Creek revisited

Since the flooding of Canmore and Calgary in 2013 we have not been back to see the area especially the Cougar Creek area near where Amanda and Phil live.  Tonight Amanda and I went for a walk up the creek and words fail to communicate what we saw.  The work in repairing and setting in place a better flood management system is well under way but frankly – it is immense!

So here’s some photos from April 2011 and from tonight.

Standing in the canyon

Walking on the frozen creek

Enjoying a hike father and son

Now to the view of this during the flood….

Not much explanation needed there…. the deluge of water, mud, rocks, boulders, trees and debris
from the mountain.

Now tonight we found this….

The new water diversion area

Gravel everywhere

A debris fence

See Amanda – it’s a huge structure

A very tame cougar creek now

In the midst of the debris zone some trees survived

Ready for the next flood