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Together again

I was trying to think of the last time Jason and Philip were together – just the two of them. It is probably more than a decade – maybe even back when they were teenagers. You must know that as teenagers these two didn’t exactly act like best friends – not even like friends. Most of the time, it seemed to me at least, they were annoying one another, picking fights, hurling verbal stones at each other. Dinner time and Christmas day were the times they were best behaved but rarely would you have seen them going off together to do something.

I grabbed a photo off our google hangout chat



Times are changing and of course, they are grown men with their own families, so it was a real delight on our part to see them together for the past few days. Jason had a conference in nearby Banff and Phil was remarkably off work. So they had a chance to actually spend time together.

I wasn’t along for the ride – but the pictures would indicate they did enjoy being together.


Jason’s on his way here today as he makes his way home so it will be nice to see him for a few hours too.download_20170919_135136download_20170919_142322


Happy birthday Phil

Phil is in school this week as he continues to upgrade his skills as he works his way towards being a Paramedic.  This is a fairly complex system from my outside view. He has shown such tremendous resolution to keep going but then what would you expect from Philip?!

I get to see Amanda and Carlyle today as I jump over to their little town from Edmonton where I am attending a conference for a couple of days.  I’m very excited about seeing them…and hopefully I’ll see Phil before I head home.

hiking up Cougar Creek together

As we celebrate his birthday my memory is stirred to remember all the previous birthdays with cake cupcakes (without icing – he didn’t like sweet things) and friends and bowling or whatever the activity would be.  But activity had to be part of his birthday!

Today we celebrate the wonderful man he has become – a husband, a father, a professional who is anxious to help others.

Happy birthday Philip.