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Learning to write

Rachel is now in school and learning so many different things. Last night’s video chat featured time to sit and show Grandma and Grandpa what she could do. Her joy in being able to write her own name was evident. Then she drew a picture of her and Grandpa and wrote “Grandpa” on it! She was so proud.

Her joy in learning runs through us all. There’s very few of us who aren’t publicly or privately thrilled to learn something new.

For some reason as we age many people stop pursuing learning. Even reading the latest books or taking a night class keeps the learning going. It’s good for your brain!

By the way, that’s me and Rachel in the picture if you couldn’t tell. And I was reminded again yesterday what I have learned since becoming a Grandpa. This is a blessing from God that is hard to match.


The Learning Journey

Of the many joys in my learning journey is discovering resources that have the potential to go on to feed further learning for years to come.

Last week we dealt with material by Hugh Halter, Michael Green, Tim Keel, John Wesley and others.

One of the online resources we’ve been pointed to is http://www.oikonomianetwork.org – likely this is new to you too and I would encourage you to take a look. There are many categories – including some excellent video resources as well as print.

Here’s my class – now most of us are getting to the end of our MA- PT (Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology) so we won’t likely be back together. The man to the right of me is Wayne, an officer from the USA  East territory.  Dr. Blevins is on the far right standing – he was our professor for this last course.

Never too old to learn

Week one is done.  Whew!  I haven’t read that many books or typed that many assignments in a very long time.  So I’m glad to say week one is done.  Now, I’m far from finished, and of course I’m sure you are not really that interested in what I’m typing here…but I am thrilled to get past the first week and feel a deep sense of satisfaction.

Of course week two is yet to come and there a number of pages yet to be completed to finish the second week…but I’ve got the weekend to make good progress.

I’ve always loved reading and reading good books. I’ve always thought of myself as a long life learner. And this is a great learning experience.

This past week was The Bible as Christian Scripture.  Next week is Pastoral Leadership. These are great topics to continue to learn as they have eternal significance.

I am so very pleased that I decided to pursue this – but I can’t leave out the fact that it was Wendy who really encouraged me to get my application in ! Without her encouragement I might not be here.