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I just had to stop

It was a rather nice day, a bit too cool for walking with a biting wind out of the north, but in the car with the sun shining it was very pleasant. Southern Ontario residents suffer through winter, not due to terrible winter conditions – for the most part we are better off than most Canadians – but rather we get months of dull, grey, overcast sky. So when the sun comes out and we get a big blue sky, it is an occasion to be outside – at least for a drive on a day like this.20170319_165541

We had decided to take a drive east of the city where there are some lovely little hamlets with a quaint feeling of days gone by. In fact, sometimes you see evidence of practices of the past. Like this cemetery on the edge of Newtonville. I went up this road because there was a small city-like subdivision just off the main highway (if a two-lane road can be called a highway). Here’s the water supply for flowers being left at a grave marker – or getting a drink I suppose, though not in winter.

The image of the water well pump takes me back to my grandmother’s cottage on Green Bay – part of Lake Cecebe. And while I haven’t been to that cottage in decades, and the use of the water pump goes back to my childhood, I never see one of these that I don’t think about running out the sided door of the cottage to get a bucket of water for my Nanny. Hard to believe in a world of iPhones, satellites, 3-D imaging and the video chats that this technology was popular not so long ago.

As we drove by I spied this in the cemetery and backed up the car so I could grab a photo.


A walk along the Potomac

Old town Alexandria – a historic place

Wouldn’t you like to own one of these? I would.

Spring in DC

A cool but lovely day by the water

The tide is out

The daffodils are almost done

Million dollar townhomes

Flying over the Capitol building and the Mall

A Saturday Outing

Rachel seems to really like being in the van

What a wonderful Saturday…warm, sunny, and nothing pressing to be done.  And Rachel got a chance to go off with her Grandma and Grandpa…she seemed to enjoy the travel and the various stops along the way.  But what she really enjoyed was eating her Grandpa’s french fries!

Climbing the spools
This girl just never seems to sit still

Why look she’s sitting still but just for a moment