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Thanksgiving reflection

It’s been a while since I posted and I am reminded how quickly time passes. I wondered aloud the other day if there are fewer days in the year now.

It’s Thanksgiving weekend and I am reflecting on the events of this past year that makes me feel thankful for.

I am thankful for:

family – the love of our lives!

health – after another scare with my vision, I am, through the grace of God and modern medicine able to see better than I have in years!

education – how I have loved learning and continue to do so

our country – though we have political and social troubles I am grateful to live here in Canada – consider the sufferings of some like Syria, Afghanistan, Haiti, Venezula…and so many more.

our faith – it seems hard to believe that so many have no faith, or have left their faith when there is little in this world or the present age to give hope

Wendy – she’s been faithful to me, loving to me, supportive of me… and much more… for over 40 years. I have said from time to time that “I don’t deserve her”.  What I mean is, that she is such a good woman and has overlooked my faults and failings so often.

Jesus – different than just faith. The person of Jesus is my Saviour, my companion in life and death.

So that’s just a few things of what could have been my list.


Congratulations Amanda Jean

Can I brag a bit? Can I tell you how proud we are of Amanda who wrote her exam to become a registered psychologist this weekend and passed? Can I tell you how wonderful a mother and wife to Philip she is?

Three young kids, a husband who works 4-12 hour shifts in a row, a busy daily schedule to stimulate and educate her children and still she keeps up her studies and prepares herself for this demanding exam. Amanda is highly motivated and principled. She raises our grandchildren (with Philip) to appreciate others, to be kind to everyone and to love being helpful. They have engendered faith and prayer as critical parts to living and both work to give their children significant emotional security.

Yes, we are very proud of Amanda and this latest achievement makes us want to just brag about her all the more!



Labour Day 2019

While this day is set aside historically for the recognition of labour and the workers that have built our country, it more accurately represents the end of slumber like days of summer where shorts, t-shirts and sandals often replace the more formal wear of everyday work. Our time at the trailer is now mostly done – next week is marked on my calendar as clean up and close the trailer. I will even winterize it.

I’m surprised how many people pay someone to come do this for them – perhaps as we don’t have the cash to throw away I tend to be a bit more frugal in this regard. It’s just not that hard.

End of summer also signals that our calendar will be filling up.  Later in the autumn, I have a trip to Alberta and I am really looking forward to a chance to see Amanda, Philip and the three kids!  It’s been too long since we’ve been out there. While it’s been great to have Jason and his three kids closer, it still means that we don’t see the western Waters as I refer to them, that often.

fb_img_1565914737339My eye continues to heal and while the retinal surgeon says my eye pressure is still a bit high, that the healing progresses well. They can see that I have a wrinkle on the retina and have told me that they can do some “smoothing’ if needed.  I’m not sure I want to know how that is done!

This is, by the way, one of my favourite cartoons!