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I am not Stephen Mandel

More than once or twice while I was in Edmonton people on the street thought that I was the mayor of Edmonton and there is some likeness between  us.  Stephen Mandel was elected three times to be mayor and we did work together on a few projects that were obviously orientated to The Salvation Army.  Stephen did attend a number of our events and was extremely encouraging to us.

The last election Mr. Mandel did not run for office but rather took a step out of public service.  The Premier of Alberta has now announced that Mr. Mandel will be the new health minister, even though he does not sit in the provincial legislature.  So a by-election will be held so that he can run for office!

So here’s a recent picture of Mr. Mandel – Stephen to his friends!  Do you think he looks remotely like me?



The oil refineries are on the upper right side

 Flying into Edmonton the skies were clear and it was a great opportunity to get some good shots of the city.  If you have flown into the Edmonton airport you know it isn’t in Edmonton.  It is about 30 minutes south of the city…I’m not sure if they thought the city would grow out to the airport or if the airport would grow to the city.

The code for this airport is YEG.

The ground looks very snowy as we were landing – 5 days later most of the snow is gone.  But it’s Edmonton – there’s more to come!

South end of the city

Downtown is center

First attempt at ordering Chinese food

When we were moved to Calgary in July 2000, we set about our “relocation plan” that we do each time we’ve moved.  Find a doctor, dentist, good place to get fuel (next to Tim Horton’s), discover a grocery store with fresh produce and reasonable prices and….somewhere to get GOOD Chinese food.

In Corps life – things are a bit different – you have a whole community to advise you – and frankly 99% of the time we are grateful for their sympathetic understanding of the pains of relocation.

In Calgary we picked up the phone – called Tom and Sylvia (who lived in our neighbourhood) and asked “where do you order Chinese food from?”.

The quick and reliable response, “we order from the Golden Leaf…..”

It proved to be one of our favourite spots, especially Friday or Sunday nights it seemed.

So now in Toronto, specifically Scarborough, we’ve been trying to find good Chinese food.  You need to understand that in this part of the city there are a thousand great Lebanese spots, even more Fallel shops and of course Swiss Chalet! We pass three on the way to work (a 20 minute drive).

Sunday night I went to try and order some Chinese food from a spot very close to our house.  As is my usual pracitice I googled the name of the restaurant  – read the reviews and tried to find their website.  In time it was obvious there was no presence on the web.  So off to the restaurant I went.

From the outside the place was…sketchy…so after hesitating for a moment I entered and was immediately greeted by a very excited lady…”table for one?”….the place was empty.

“No – do you have a take out menu?”

Disappointment ran across her face.  “Ahh, no.  It is being reprinted.  It will be available next month.”

Clearly they don’t know how to do desktop publishing.

There was one copy of the menu taped to the counter.  I picked out our three dishes and paid for it.  In the meantime I asked if they had a website and encouraged them to get one but the lady objected…”it costs money”.

When she left to take my order to the kitchen I said to the younger lady standing nearby, “you should encourage her to get on the internet.”  She smiled and nodded.  So I asked her, “how long will my food be?”

“Three years” she calmly replied.

I realized that this young lady didn’t speak much english.  “You’ve been in Canada three years?”


“Where did you come from?”

“Hong Kong”

“Do you like it here?”

“It’s about the same.”

“As Hong Kong?”

“Yes, there are too many Chinese people here.”

We did have the Chinese food – it was passable but not comparable to the Green Leaf (Calgary) or Blue Willow (Edmonton).  The hunt continues.  Do you have a favourite spot?