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Friday file

As part of my regular week, I have a series of board meetings, one on one report meetings, off-site external meetings and planning and collaborating with a series of departments, people and stakeholders.  It’s just the nature of work these days. If you think you can work in isolation, well you’re headed for disaster and a great deal of wasted time for yourself and others who will need to mop up the mess.

But today, I  have the time for reflection, for review and for writing. It’s a rare day.


I’ve also got a copy fresh off the press of the new CSS CD… (why are we pressing CDs? in an age of downloads… I don’t understand).  At any rate, I’m listening to the production and it’s very good.  The sound is clear and accompaniment is complimentary without being overpowering. I really do love the sung Gospel and the pieces that are based on Scripture are my favourites. If you get a copy listen to “Bless the Lord, O My Soul”.img_20190705_095632

This week I received in the mail a copy of Great Mentoring, a new book by Doug Ward and Sharon Simmonds.  These are friends I am connected to from Arrow though my friendship with Doug goes back much further.  Doug, a Baptist pastor from Ottawa, Kanta to be exact, and I became acquainted through our work on the Billy Graham Mission back in the late 1990s.  We’ve stayed in touch and in recent years had quite a few connections including dinner in Banff where his daughter lives when our kids were in Canmore and we would both find ourselves in the valley around Christmas.

Today is the Calgary Stampede parade to mark the beginning of the Stampede week. Through the miracle of technology, we are able to watch – and it’s cool and wet in Calgary today.


Since it’s now July I have included a picture from 6 years ago of Rachel having ice cream on July 1st. We love being grandparents!



There are times when I am amazed at the opportunities which are ours just because we are Salvation Army officers. We’ve recently been able to be in Bermuda as part of our roles within TSA.  With January in Palm Desert (on vacation) and now Bermuda in February we feel like we’ve been missing some of the worst parts of winter.

The island is beautiful and it’s turquoise waters really give it a magical appeal. The weather has been enjoyable and the company great.

Even today – our last day – we went for a walk along the beach which is right in front of our hotel room.


While the day started off rainy, the sun emerged and provided us with a nice way to end the experience here.

Sunday was terrific experience as we united in worship and the hall was filled with energy! It concluded with a wonderful victory at the Mercy Seat.  I love being in a room where the Spirit of God is transforming lives. That’s how it was.

I am including just a few photos from our time here. Enjoy and go to my You Tube channel to see some of the videos.

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It’s just one of those pictures

cofI was at our conference centre this week to discuss some matters and we decided, as it was quiet there, to sit by the fire for our meeting. I had to take a picture.

I have always hoped, though the likelihood of this is slim, to have a fireplace in our retirement home.  I can’t think of anything I like better in a home. We’ve not had many in our years of moving about but when we did I greatly appreciated both the warmth and the light of a fireplace.

So on this day, while the meeting was productive, the fire was ssoooooo delightful!