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A first for me

Last year I attended a funeral on behalf of the leadership of TSA and as I entered The Salvation Army building in Carbonear NL I noticed the plaque on the wall indicated that it had been opened and dedicated by my Dad.  There was his name right on the wall. That was great to see.

Well, this past weekend, I had the privilege of dedicating and opening a new facility in Drumheller AB and my name was put on the plaque. No big deal, but it was kind of a neat feeling to think about this small connection to the role and office that my Dad held all those years ago.

It was a great weekend in that I also got to connect with Amanda, Carlyle, Fitz, and Paige. It was a very short visit and Carlyle was perplexed and disappointed that Grandma wasn’t with me. She was excited to cuddle and play and though only a few hours she knew I would have something in the suitcase for her! Of course, she was right.


Having been away from the prairie landscape for some time it was interesting and captivating to see the wide-open expanse along with the dramatic coulees that mark in unexpected ways the very flat terrain.

sdrsmartcaptureOf course, the town of Drumheller is known for being in the ‘badlands’ and the site of many finds when it comes to dinosaur fossils. Occasionally it would seem, there is still one or two roaming around town…..cof


Amazing evening

Every once in a while, we get to have an experience that has nothing to do with Fred and Wendy and everything to do with the reputation and work of The Salvation Army. This past week was one of those experiences.

We enjoyed a most remarkable dinner at O’Brien house on Meech Lake, QC. This historic home which has been restored fully was the site of our NAB dinner and our guest was the USA Ambassador to Canada.  Ambassador Croft was gracious and has a rather intimate understanding of TSA. She spoke well and delightfully of The Army, our work and her experience with us.

The setting, the meal and the guest made it a most remarkable evening.


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St. Jacob’s market

I read recently that we get quieter as we age, that aging teaches us that we know less than we think and have more reason to listen better. That’s good news for this extrovert and I would acknowledge that I believe I am getting quieter. (hard to believe – I know).

As well, I find that I am enjoying a quieter life – that city life with all the buzz and busyness of millions of people squeezed into a condensed piece of land is less and less enjoyable. So our decision to drive to St. Jacobs early Saturday morning to take in the farmers market was both a good and bad idea – the traffic was unbelievably bad, but being around all that fresh produce and the market atmosphere was wonderful.  Even though the crowds mean that you have to keep your eye on other people’s elbows… the experience of being close to the farm, or the products of the farm, I find to be renewing.

So a couple of photos – including some of the horse auction that was underway next door.

The other thing we did was to enjoy a hot and delicious lunch of cabbage rolls and perogies out in the sunshine. While it was cool in the wind, the sun was warm and the food tasted so good that it was quite enjoyable.

If you’ve not been to St. Jacob’s for the farmers market you might want to get over there soon! It’s harvest time.