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When in St. John’s


The opportunity to travel for business gives me a great opportunity to see our grandchildren ! This weekend I was able to spend some wonderful time with the family. I delivered the Easter treats and we were able to have supper together.

The kids are growing up so quickly and it was fun to see them and listen to their voices as they laughed, whined, chatted, argued (with their siblings) and talked about what they liked and didn’t like.

Do you ever notice how honest kids are? They tell it how it is. And they had lots to tell me. They told me how much they love being together, they told me what restaurant they like, they told me when they were sad, when they were happy.  They told me what they thought of their siblings. They are great kids and I loved being with them.



The family vacation revisited

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Wendy and I have been doing some dreaming – part of it comes from days gone by, and some from what we always hoped would be the opportunity to have family vacations together when our kids were grown, married and had their own kids.  The slide show above shows you a taste of one of our vacations.  You can see that Phil and Jason were young – and we were at Sandbanks Provincial Park with a tent trailer.  I should add, we had a Chev Cavalier with a 4 cylinder 1.6-litre engine pulling that trailer with us and all out stuff.  It always did better downhill.

These were great days. We sure didn’t have much money but we had the trailer and we always ate well. Wendy was the master of easy to make, but delicious meals!

Of course, the boys loved being outdoors and near the water and with some books, a few good games and our handy eat-in tent, we were usually set to enjoy a couple of weeks in “the wild”.

Years later we moved up to the Hybrid trailer but we did enjoy these days.

Now we wonder – will we, in retirement, get to do something similar with the grandchildren?

Bermuda and The Salvation Army

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The population of Bermuda is just under 70,000 and there are 100 churches on the island.  The Salvation Army is one of the denominations  We had a good review and an opportunity to see some of our buildings. It was a great experience for the review team and for us, we enjoyed reconnecting with friends of old.

We were able to visit North Street and St. George’s corps as well as DHQ, of course, and the emergency shelter and harbour light.