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Thanksgiving reflection

It’s been a while since I posted and I am reminded how quickly time passes. I wondered aloud the other day if there are fewer days in the year now.

It’s Thanksgiving weekend and I am reflecting on the events of this past year that makes me feel thankful for.

I am thankful for:

family – the love of our lives!

health – after another scare with my vision, I am, through the grace of God and modern medicine able to see better than I have in years!

education – how I have loved learning and continue to do so

our country – though we have political and social troubles I am grateful to live here in Canada – consider the sufferings of some like Syria, Afghanistan, Haiti, Venezula…and so many more.

our faith – it seems hard to believe that so many have no faith, or have left their faith when there is little in this world or the present age to give hope

Wendy – she’s been faithful to me, loving to me, supportive of me… and much more… for over 40 years. I have said from time to time that “I don’t deserve her”.  What I mean is, that she is such a good woman and has overlooked my faults and failings so often.

Jesus – different than just faith. The person of Jesus is my Saviour, my companion in life and death.

So that’s just a few things of what could have been my list.


Great Biblical preaching

I’ve sat under many corps officers. Some young, some older, some well educated and some not as much.  I have never sat under a better preacher than Lt Scott Allen. Hie preparation is obviously well developed and his maturity, energy and presentation really make him a good speaker.

Biblical teaching is alive and well where he is on the platform.

I just wanted to record my appreciation.