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Ron and Marilyn

Just 9 months apart, Marilyn went to be with the Lord last week.  She really did love Jesus and had a solid faith along with dependability that is rare in these days. She grew up in a Salvation Army home which I remember as 56 Lemon Street, Guelph Ontario. Her Mom, Ida, was my aunt, a half sister to my Dad.  I didn’t know Ida and her husband Chuck as well as I would have liked to, and clearly, there were family issues going a long way back.

I’ve blogged before about my Grandpa Waters, who I did not know well. My Dad described him as loving, a good sense of humour who was all Salvation Army officer. Over the years I have met others who knew him either as the Chaplain to the theology students at Queen’s University or as a retired officer.  Occassionally I have met people who knew him as an active officer but as his officership began in 1916 those people are fewer.

Whenever I was with Chuck and Ida or with Pat (Marilyn’s sister) or Ron and Marilyn I always felt that they were my connection to those days long ago.

So this week as we gathered in Guelph for Marilyn’s funeral service it was a reminder that in time all those names and faces begin to fade into history.

img_20190530_100147I grabbed a photo of this picture at Marilyn’s funeral – I know I have a better version somewhere (where is somewhere) so I am including this here to make my point. This picture taken around 1980 I believe, has Chuck and Ida sitting to the right of the photo.  Pat is just over Chuck’s shoulder. Marilyn stands behind Pat and next to my parents. Wendy and I are squeezed into the top left corner. The large man sitting is my Uncle Bill. I only met him once on this occassion.

20131209_132209Here is Grandpa Waters, stationed with the troops on Red Shield Service during the war. You might see some resemblance to Uncle Bill. Though my memory was foggy I saw the resemblance the one time we met.

It was a bittersweet moment then to be in Guelph and to share with Stephanie and Matt as well as all the family and friends.


Psalm 131

img_20190521_151314The Scripture records the words of the Apostle Paul as “I have learned in all things to be content.”  Not something easily arrived at, or attained if it ever can be.  But here’s a prayer from Psalm 131 which I am praying – Lord let this be true of me.

It’s Wednesday

In these days of retreat, we’ve been sharing stories.  We’re all men here and we’re building a community of trust so the stories have been characterized by honest reflections, a deep personal journey and a sense that God is in the room speaking through each other. I have rarely had this kind of experience, sadly, and so I am enjoying every moment.

These men are from various parts of the country and from a number of different backgrounds and denominational frameworks.  Some I know, some are becoming new friends.

As I’ve been listening to them, listening to The Word and to God, I am feeling a sense that God has done great work in our lives (Wendy and I) and that we are enjoying the fruits of many years of faithful and diligent service. We are past the years of early marriage, discovering parenthood, endeavouring to make a contribution to ministry and are enjoying time to reflect and look towards the current season.

Today Mark Buchanan joined us and talked about the contrast of being large or small – choosing to step over mountains or being lost in the lawn.  It was interesting and I was amazed at how he took the Scripture and our imaginations to make us really think about our place in the world and our ambitions.  He’s on later tonight – I will be taking notes.

Of course, the scenery here is spectacular.  So I’ve included some shots below for you to see.  If you pray, would you pray for this group of ten leaders?

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