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An Alberta weekend

It’s been almost 10 years since we left Calgary. An entire decade has passed since we received a phone call to tell us that we would be moving from Calgary as part of a pilot program to introduce the roll out of area commander. Wendy and I would later that summer move to Edmonton but initially, we were told it might be Alberta or Ontario. In the end, it was Edmonton.

Our time in Calgary was wonderful and seven years at Glenmore Temple were some of our favourite years of ministry. Returning to the platform this weekend was like coming home, and I enjoyed every minute.

While we were there we connected with Phil, Amanda, Carlyle and Fitz. The kids are growing quickly and Fitz now scurries around the floor like a soldier crawling on his belly to the front line! He’s a happy boy with energy and curiosity. Carlyle is smart and loves to spell, colour, make crafts and cuddle with her little brother. Dave and Sue graciously allowed us to crash their home for a few hours and share a meal with us.

We did get out to Canmore and celebrated Phil’s 30th birthday by his making us an amazing roast beef dinner! It was delicious.

a7304-07-07-2008-21-43-18-355This is of course 3 not 30 but the enthusiasm for life that he had at 3 he still exhibits – energy, fun, curiosity….hey who does that sound like?

It’s great to be with family, even briefly.


Amanda Jean’s birthday

God has blessed our family with two lovely gals who married our boys. Today is Amanda’s birthday and we wish her the best and brightest of days. She’s expecting their second child and I thought it would be wonderful to make this the BIRTHday….!!

God’s in the timing of that child’s birth…

So happy birthday to Amanda – we hope you have a wonderful day, know today more fully than ever our love and our prayers for many days of joy, love and laughter!

We love your smile!

A time of joy

My blog has had a number of focuses over the years.  There are times as you read back that you will see I’m very reflective and my devotional thoughts tell where I’m journeying.  There are times when I’m quite quiet – times when it seems better not to write than to say what I’m really thinking or feeling.  There are times when it seems I am posting things that I find elsewhere on the iternet – usually You Tube and I don’t have much else to say.  Well let me insert that these days I’m rejoicing for many reasons.

I’m really enjoying this appointment – it seems made for me at times and I love to delve into the details and systems that are part of what THQ does in the oversight of The Army in Canada and Bermuda.  I’m enjoying seeing Wendy working so hard beside me – I really do love our working together.  We make a good team.

I would add I’m rejoicing for Phil and Amanda who have just moved back to Canmore and are settling in with Carlyle.  They are doing so very well and we’re thrilled for them.

A recent outing downtown

I’m rejoicing for the announcement that Jason received a sizable scholarship at MUN.  They have been living on a shoe string and this will give them some breathing room – AND it’s a reflection of the hard work that Jason has been putting in!  Yes he and Susan still have a way to go in their current journey but this has been a good news week for them!

I’m rejoicing that Wendy and I have our health and strength!  Don’t we take that for granted?  Yet each day I thank the Lord for this great gift.

Finally – I’m thankful for the opportunity to be in ministry.  I might have done many other things in life but ministry for all the difficulties has proven to be a wonderful journey of faith.