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The Eagle has landed

After 22, almost 23 years Mom decided it was time to leave the condo and head to a retirement residence nearer family.  The condo went on the market, the applications for the residence were accepted, the movers were booked, and in my Mom’s words “that all happened rather quickly!”  Yes, indeed it did. What a great job Mom did getting herself ready and getting to the day of the move.

I don’t often make a reference to a business or make a recommendation but in this case, I think it is fair to say that “Two Men and a Truck” were gracious, careful, kind, accommodating and reasonable in cost.  It turned out to be a tiresome but rewarding day.

By the time the move day was over, we had gone from the chasos of a condo being packed and moved to the residence with furniture set up, bedroom ready for the evening and probably 70% of things in their place.

It is great to have her closer and even last evening we were able to just “pop over”!  It was a treat. So now a new chapter begins.

As we were getting ready to leave the condo, we paused for prayer and I thanked God for the way He has blessed my Mom, and through her, us as a family.  I am constantly surprised by the way in which God provides despite our humanity, but then Jesus came in human flesh to demonstrate his great love. That love has accompanied my Mom all these years.



Dreaming a little

We’ve been dreaming. Dreaming about a time when we might own our own home. For many of you, this is a dream that you work on in your 20’s or 30’s. For us, it is something to be aimed for as we come into retirement years. We’ve been debating investment costs versus leasing. Should we invest our money towards a revenue stream or take out the mortgage and see this as an investment for later years and hope that they real estate appreciation provides us as good or better a return. We’re leaning towards buying and the market is soft where we are looking!!

Secondly, we’ve been dreaming about owning our own furniture. Now if you are unfamiliar with the model of allowance and provision related to Salvation Army officers you will no doubt think this is rather strange. But it is what it is, and this is our reality. So we’ve been dreaming about having furniture that someone else didn’t buy. I can hardly wait! When we were in Pennsylvania we looked at some gorgeous Amish furniture and I found myself drooling over a couple of pieces. I loved the desk below!

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Yes, one day our dreams may come true.  And I may have my own little garden to putter around in… wouldn’t that be wonderful?


Faith Community supports plan to end homelessness

Edmonton's faith communities formally sign a declaration of their commitment to Edmonton's 10-year plan to end homelessness
Photo from the Edmonton Journal

Today 30 members of various faith groups in Edmonton gathered to publicly sign and support the City of Edmonton’s plan to end homelessness.  The Rabbi was our spokesperson and while the majority of members were from the Christian Community, the man to the left of me is a Buddhist, and the man to the right of me is a Muslim.  While we would disagree on many things, we all feel that restoring dignity to the people of this land is paramount.  I am slowly getting to know my colleagues – I will be sorry to be leaving Edmonton on the cusp of some good working relationships.

I need to add, that ending homelessness is not the full story, nor the answer to many ills.  While we would do all we could to find people homes to live in, we know that empty lives and lost souls are not changed by the addition of an address.  We know that until God is invited into their lives the full transformation is yet to happen.