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Ted and Beth turn 5

It seems remarkable to me that Ted and Beth, often referred to as the twins, are now 5 years of age.  We regret that they live so far away and we don’t get to see them too often, but thankfully technology helps close the gap a bit.  I will be in NL in early April so I get to see them, but it is still too far for our liking!


The birthday party took place at Gail and Jeff’s home so that is delightful for them. Ted and Beth were all dressed up – and of course, if you are 5 and you have a birthday you need to get presents.












And speaking of family…here’s me with Leanne and Catherine for a family portrait. The old black and white photo makes it seem like 50 years ago…and in fact it it! 1969!!

What is odd to me is that I can remember the photo being taken like it was yesterday. I remember Cath being upset, Leanne was a little trooper and I was hot!!  The photo lamps made the room feel like the tropics.  Hardly seems like it could be 50 years, but it is!



Beth hiding away

Ted and Beth are approaching two years of age and they are both curious and very attached to the other. So when Ted learned to climb out of his crib and left the room without Beth she was very upset at him.

In this short video, for whatever reason, Beth decided to climb into the kitchen cupboard, and of course Ted went looking for her!

They are so cute – and soon they will be little chatter boxes. For now it’s mostly hand gestures!