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Happy 50th Leanne

Happy birthday to the girl that really changed our family. Leanne, you may or may not know was adopted by our Mom and Dad. She was 4 months, I was 10 years old. I could not have been more thrilled. You would have thought I had gotten a puppy!

From day one I took up the role as big brother as I rocked, fed, changed diapers, took her for walks and “babysat”. As she grew older we went tobogganing, rode bikes, played basketball (though that didn’t go so well) and generally spent much time together. Likely I carry most of those memories. We live a long way apart now and the years have added to the distance, but Leanne will always be that intelligent, determined, articulate child who changed the family forever.


He’s a grad

On the porch in Listowel

A few days we’ll be heading to St. John’s to celebrate the convocation of Jason – I was reflecting on the changes to our family, the joys and challenges, and I thought somehow these pictures help to summarize my thoughts – maybe more my feelings. Where has the time gone?   We’re very proud of Jason and his accomplishments and pleased we can celebrate with him and his family.

At CFOT just before Cath’s wedding

A visit from Cath, Terry, Noah and Laura

Jason and Susan with their family