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Where does God live?

I am not meaning to sound heretical at all, but having just returned from Alberta and the beauty of God’s creation it is easy to think that if God was choosing somewhere to dwell it might be right here.  The Psalmist often talked about lifting this eyes to “the hills” and in viewing the spectacular features of the geography was reminded that his help came from the Maker of Heaven and earth.  Mountains have that kind of impact upon people, especially when the birds call out, the stream flows by peacefully and the stillness of the moment is not interrupted, as most of our moments seem to be now, by the roar of industrial life.


In case I have not been entirely clear, I do not believe for a moment that God lives in a geographical location – far from it. The truth today for anyone who is willing is for God to reside in our “hearts” – that is the center of our being. God’s greatest creation is, of course, you – me – the man or woman made in His image.


A few years ago – well quite a few – Wendy and I were driving across Saskatewan in the middle of winter. While it was cold – really cold – it was sunny. We were passing farm after farm that was deserted, left to rot in the elements. I decided to stop and take a few photos that testify to a once active home life with children, farm animals and a working family.

I enjoyed those days of travelling across the prairies and while the time to travel was sometimes a challenge in the midst of other challenges in the schedule it was fascinating to see other parts of Canada.

When CTV aired their first season of The Amazing Grace Canada I was amazed that everywhere the contestants went I had been at some point in the past few years.

What a wonderful country we live in. The geography is incredibly diverse. I hope you get to see more than your corner of it!

The Upper Skena

Craig and I are touring northern BC as part of a short visit to the area. This is perhaps the one area of our territory I am unfamiliar with so I’ve been looking forward to this visit.

We visited three corps today – and met some of the local leaders. We also visited a local school where we were welcomed into a grade 2/3 classroom – the teacher is a soldier of the nearby corps.

The scenery is gorgeous – as is by chance the weather – and the people have been warm and welcoming.

A few photos follow:

Terrace BC

Terrace Corps – artwork on a wall

Upper Skena Circuit – each corps has a bell to signal the village

From 1890

Visitng the school – in time for a fire drill !!

In te classroom

The Corps flag

Hazelton Corps

Craig down by the Skena River

Flying  into Terrace on  Thursday