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A few years ago – well quite a few – Wendy and I were driving across Saskatewan in the middle of winter. While it was cold – really cold – it was sunny. We were passing farm after farm that was deserted, left to rot in the elements. I decided to stop and take a few photos that testify to a once active home life with children, farm animals and a working family.

I enjoyed those days of travelling across the prairies and while the time to travel was sometimes a challenge in the midst of other challenges in the schedule it was fascinating to see other parts of Canada.

When CTV aired their first season of The Amazing Grace Canada I was amazed that everywhere the contestants went I had been at some point in the past few years.

What a wonderful country we live in. The geography is incredibly diverse. I hope you get to see more than your corner of it!


The Upper Skena

Craig and I are touring northern BC as part of a short visit to the area. This is perhaps the one area of our territory I am unfamiliar with so I’ve been looking forward to this visit.

We visited three corps today – and met some of the local leaders. We also visited a local school where we were welcomed into a grade 2/3 classroom – the teacher is a soldier of the nearby corps.

The scenery is gorgeous – as is by chance the weather – and the people have been warm and welcoming.

A few photos follow:

Terrace BC

Terrace Corps – artwork on a wall

Upper Skena Circuit – each corps has a bell to signal the village

From 1890

Visitng the school – in time for a fire drill !!

In te classroom

The Corps flag

Hazelton Corps

Craig down by the Skena River

Flying  into Terrace on  Thursday