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Camping 2017

Wendy and I have been camping on and off for almost 36 years. Our first adventure was in a tent – summer camping – but not an experience that either of us really adored. Then we borrowed a small motorhome – that was good but we spent too much on fuel just getting there. Then we rented someone’s trailer – that was better but it was old and we were novices. Finally to our own tent trailer and we were super thrilled with what we had though it was a pretty primitive trailer (compared to some).

Seven years of being in the tent trailer and we moved up to our hybrid – a travel trailer but with tent ends. We’ve had this since 2005 – twelve years now and we really love it. We feel privileged and though I know at some point this too will need to be left behind I’m not anxious to give it up!

My sisters are high-end hotel users…too bad for them I think.

The summer is rapidly coming to the end. In the next couple of weeks, I will be winterizing the trailer and we’ll be putting it away for the winter. However, with that end of season stuff comes the joy of knowing we’ll be back next summer.


Redeeming the time

Has there ever been a person who didn’t look forward to a restful vacation? Perhaps there has been but it wasn’t me, at least not this year! I could hardly wait!

Our trailer continues to age and each year I open it up in spring while holding my breath! Will the roof be leaking? Will the fridge start? Will the propane system be safe?

We are well into summer 2017 and enjoying our getaway spot. Here’s a few photos to make you wish you were with us!

Summer is a wonderful time! Join us at the lake….


What a journey

I’m on a journey. I feel compelled to apologize to the congregation members who suffered through my preaching all these years – this is something I should have done some time ago, and yet it feels like the time is right.

Dr. Rev. David Smith is my guide right now and he’s lecturing 8 hours a day.  My goodness I would be exhausted but he seems to gain energy from our presence and interaction. Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Isaiah, Genesis, back to Mark and Luke, over to the Revelation and now to Daniel. It is exciting to be part of this journey.

So far my marks reflect that I’m doing well and seem to be producing papers that are close to the mark. That’s important to me only because that’s the part I don’t like. I’ve audited courses in the past just so I didn’t have to write the papers…but now that I write proposals and presentations on a regular basis at the office perhaps I’m growing more adept at this.

So tomorrow is day 4 – at the end of which we will have had 32 hours of instruction.  My brain is a bit exhausted…but what joy I am finding at the same time.

And to think I put this off for 10 years.

What are you putting off?

And he taught as one with authority