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Labour Day 2019

While this day is set aside historically for the recognition of labour and the workers that have built our country, it more accurately represents the end of slumber like days of summer where shorts, t-shirts and sandals often replace the more formal wear of everyday work. Our time at the trailer is now mostly done – next week is marked on my calendar as clean up and close the trailer. I will even winterize it.

I’m surprised how many people pay someone to come do this for them – perhaps as we don’t have the cash to throw away I tend to be a bit more frugal in this regard. It’s just not that hard.

End of summer also signals that our calendar will be filling up.  Later in the autumn, I have a trip to Alberta and I am really looking forward to a chance to see Amanda, Philip and the three kids!  It’s been too long since we’ve been out there. While it’s been great to have Jason and his three kids closer, it still means that we don’t see the western Waters as I refer to them, that often.

fb_img_1565914737339My eye continues to heal and while the retinal surgeon says my eye pressure is still a bit high, that the healing progresses well. They can see that I have a wrinkle on the retina and have told me that they can do some “smoothing’ if needed.  I’m not sure I want to know how that is done!

This is, by the way, one of my favourite cartoons!


Seventeen days of adventure

I’ve long said being a grandfather is one of the great roles of my life.  These kids are smart, energetic, full of laughs and innocent as can be! Innocence is, in my opinion, one of the great strengths of childhood and should be protected, as long as possible, at all costs.

Our three grandchildren are on the move and so in the midst of that move they came to be with us for a few days of adventure.  We did lego, coloured, made crafts, ran through the sprinkler, ate freezies, had lots of cool snacks, went for walks, played with the peddle tractor, had the little cars out driving around the mat (in the shade), blew bubbles, played (toy) golf, read books, went out for kid’s meals, and played Barbies.

Did we do it all? Probably not but we sure did lots of great things. It was an adventure.  Did I say that already?

We managed to squeeze in a few days at the trailer too!  That included the pool, the beach, bbq’s and sleeping together in the trailer.  Did you know kid’s love using the toilet in a trailer?!

Here’s a small video from our time at the trailer!  You can see more on my channel.


A different Canada day weekend


So to begin…. tbis weekend marks the beginning of Wendy’s new appointment! She’s now on the 7th floor with me so that’s great. Her role is really interesting and she’ll be doing lots of detail work which is one of her real strengths.

This also marks the beginning of our 9th year at THQ.  Four appointments for me, three for Wendy.

We’ve never lived in one house so long!  Seven years in Calgary was our longest.


Susan had posted this photo and I really liked it – it shows the grandkids playing and really gives you an idea how they are growing up!  No little kids…they’re developing in many ways.  I took that to zoom in a bit on Rachel who’s in the middle of swinging from one bar to another.  I remember when you had to hold her to do this!


Sunday morning Wendy and I did the installation service at Agincourt Corps…okay community church… and how happy we are to welcome the Allens. We’re off to a good start and their strength to build trust and relationship will be a great plus for our congregation and work.


It’s a long weekend but we didn’t go to the trailer…for the first time ever, we were too tired!  So relaxing in the backyard was a welcome change. And of course, it was nice and warm. While spring seemed too cool and too wet finally the heat of summer rewards our patience!


Summer also brings one of our favourite things to do – do some gardening and here comes the first tomato of the season.  I can hardly wait for others. Fresh tomatoes are the best.


Six years ago this weekend we were at the trailer and so were Jason, Susan and Rachel.  Here is that little girl with an ice cream cone.  I’m looking forward to buying her a few more this summer! She’s soon going to be with us for two weeks along with Ted and Beth!


And yes it was even my turn, with the grass cut and trimmed to sit and enjoy the sun. Is there anything nicer than having a place to relax, to be able to be quiet, to be able to turn off the phone, the screens, the agenda – even for a few hours and recharge. That was this weekend.