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A stand off

The city of Toronto and the new Provincial government has been arguing over the size of the city council and the process to determine. It’s a strange standoff, with lots of political strife and past conflict in the equation. I could go into my own thoughts but I will spare you…and me. It is unfortunate that these kinds of conflicts create such distraction – and of course, they take up energy, money, and effort which could be spent upon much more important and productive matters.

I came across this cartoon and it struck me that so many conflicts end up being just this… and who really controls the situation. Of course, power always resides in the person who cares the least. In caring, we give the other person power over us. That’s unfortunate but it’s the truth. Consider a boy and girl dating – whoever wants to love the most will have the less stand of power.

The provincial government has won it’s way – so hopefully we can now move on.




I couldn’t help myself.  I had to sing “take me out to the ballgame, buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks….”

Wendy and I had a chance to get to a Jay’s game, not something we do too often, but the IT department were attending so we went with them.  First to supper locally and then on to the game. The Jays won convincingly over the Red Sox which added to the fun, but it was great to see the team with loved ones in hand and in a relaxed setting.

We decided, fortunately, to leave at the bottom of the 7th evening and made it to the safety of the car just as the heaven’s opened and the rain fell…as they say – in buckets!

Below – pictures from inside and outside the Dome!20180810_2113281

Not a walk in the park

Just waiting to march

Wendy is still suffering from sore feet – me? My back is a bit achy. I have to say I might prefer cold weather for this kind of event! 

What a great time we had, that being said, thousands of people – more kids than you could count – and we get a few seconds to remind them that The Salvation Army remains an important part of the Christmas season. 
One of the police officers along the route told me when he came to Canada it was TSA that helped him get started in Toronto. He is forever grateful.
It is always good to be in an event like this with such good friends – good people – for without partnership we are lonely, less effective citizens of the Kingdom of God.

photo bombed by the blonde!

On the march