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Not a walk in the park

Just waiting to march

Wendy is still suffering from sore feet – me? My back is a bit achy. I have to say I might prefer cold weather for this kind of event! 

What a great time we had, that being said, thousands of people – more kids than you could count – and we get a few seconds to remind them that The Salvation Army remains an important part of the Christmas season. 
One of the police officers along the route told me when he came to Canada it was TSA that helped him get started in Toronto. He is forever grateful.
It is always good to be in an event like this with such good friends – good people – for without partnership we are lonely, less effective citizens of the Kingdom of God.

photo bombed by the blonde!

On the march


Trains, roundhouse and turntable

I rode in one of these many times from Alberta to Ontario and back as a kid

A few weeks ago Wendy and I went downtown – she to a quilt show…well that’s not all that had but that’s her main interest and I to grab some photos of the restored roundhouse and turntable.

This is probably of great interest to me because I rode some of these cars perhaps pulled by one of these engines?  Crossing the country in a train was the economical way to travel – air travel was yet to come to my world.

Dad, Mom and I would travel from the west into Toronto sleeping on the train being rocked to sleep by the swaying of the cars.  I have many fond memories!

It was great to walk about and see these great metal monsters – what a wonderful part of our heritage.

Cabin D restored and placed on a new site

The new Toronto rises all around the old

Note where Cabin D was originally located

Trains sitting on the turntable

CN’s 6213 was built in 1942

This High Nose was built in 1953 and generated 1500 hp

Sitting on the turntable

The roundhouse which one stored engines now houses a Leon’s furniture store

A great heritage site

Autumn brings great colour to this part of the world

A day of fun

 Friday we had a wonderful day of working together to have fun!  Yes our staff went to the Aquarium for the morning before having lunch together.

We have a good team – they work well together and do so in every way to make a difference!  I’m thrilled to be leading in these days.

Here’s just a few photos to help capture our time together.

BTW – the Aquarium is an amazing facility.