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You know the joke?

It starts off – a priest, a rabbi, a nun walk into a bar…. here’s a great video that takes it in a different direction.

What do you think? Should there be a Salvation Army version?


Humour is such a powerful thing. We need more of it in our lives.


We buy too much

Did you know we buy too many clothes? Do you know the textile market is struggling to figure out what to do with all that leftover waste material? The Retail Council of Canada is working on it, but it is a huge problem. The Salvation Army is attempting to help – we are the only charity on the RC – and they want our voice. We all have a problem.

The report on Marketplace is enlightening if not frightening.

Watch for the Emmy

Jordan has many connections to us – son to Terry – employee where I am – we have lots of opportunities to see him. After Christmas, I was asking about any acting jobs he has had as he has been trying to break into the local television/movie industry. Jordan tells me he was in a Starbucks commercial that never aired but this one is being used on the internet. (do companies put more money in internet advertising than television now?)

So here’s Jordan – he comes second in the commercial – the one with fake hair.