You are precious in his sight

It was a Sunday school song – and it was sung to remind children that no matter who they were, what colour their skin or anything else they were precious in the sight of God. The passage of Scripture that has always stood out for me is this: 15 One day some parents brought their little…

God has always been faithful

His mercies are new every morning….but I have not always seen them. He’s always been faithful….though I have not always accepted that. He has never failed him… though I have failed him. He has always provided…though at times I have taken the credit. He has always been loving….though I may not always have been accepting….

Twinkle, twinkle

Aunt Gail had Ted and Beth and decided to sing with them. Now this is a number of years ago…but I love this little video of the kids. It’s mostly Beth who sings and her emphasis on the words twinkle, twinkle is pricesless. and wait for the last note!