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We’re grandparents again

The problem with having a grandchild that is not on social media means you can’t plaster pictures of the little one all over the internet. However, as we love our kids and their kids maybe it’s enough to say we are grandparents again and invite you to come see us and we’ll show you pictures!

Congratulations to Philip and Amanda and big sister Carlyle and big brother Fitz!

We love you all! We can’t wait to hold Paige!  Paige Margaret Waters.


Didn’t see that coming

What a great surprise. I got to fly off to NL for the weekend on business matters so I phoned Jason to see if Chez Waters was open for business. Sure enough, there was room for Grandpa for two nights! It wasn’t a long visit and part of the weekend was out on the road but that was great to just have a few hours with these guys. We played with the Brio railroad, a little game Rachel called “restaurant” which comprised in sitting down while she came and took our order for an imagined meal….and then, of course, served with her rather proper manners. We also had a game of what I knew as snakes and ladders but this featured Minions! We had a blast.

Sunday I was in Carbonear for the morning service and a funeral. The CSM welcomed me and announced that it was my father who had dedicated the Carbonear Corps building when it opened. Sure enough just inside the front door was this plaque. So that too was a wonderful moment and reminder of his influence all across this country.

Of course, there was early morning cuddles and lots of hugs! I had to be on my way home Monday morning but did so thanking the LORD for this brief but excellent visit.

Not sure when we’ll be back, but then I didn’t expect this visit so one never knows what is just around the corner.

Newfoundland revisited

It was a busy week…well, 10 days, in St. John’s as we journeyed for the NL Congress and the territorial commissioning event. My first NL Congress was in 1975 so in 2017 it was a very different experience. That Congress featured General Arnold Brown. You can find my earlier post about Arnold here. What also made this such a great visit, of course, was being able to spend time with Jason, Susan, Rachel, Ted, and Beth. 20170701_190113

Of particular delight for us was being able to bring Rachel and Susan to one of the meetings. The children’s program through the weekend was amazing, and above is a slide of the opening platform image geared for the kids…I played a small role as Colonel Courage. It was great fun.

The days with Ted and Beth saw a marked development in their interaction and play. Ted is extremely cuddly and loves nothing more than to climb up on your lap give you a big hug and kiss and say “I love you Wampa!” He shows signs of a tender heart and is genuinely concerned about his family – especially Beth.20170703_21045220170704_131636

Beth could be summed up in one word: rascal. She’s full of fun and vigor. She’s got energy and runs whenever possible. She loves to play but can turn on the tears in a moments notice. Her smile is wonderful and she too loves to give you a hug…but then needs to run!

Rachel is growing into a lovely young girl who is anxious to be heard – she’s got stories to tell – and watches out that the rules get followed. More than once she informed me “that’s not the way we do it Grandpa.”  We had two sleepovers with Rachel.  She also joined us at Starbucks…”I like ice tea” she said! 20170708_135425 (1)

It was a great time and here’s two little videos to bring you a smile.