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The cards and notes are arriving

For many years, Wendy made, as part of our Christmas tradition, the buying and sending of Christmas cards to friends and family.  We didn’t do a great mailing – I think at the most we sent our 40 or 50 cards.  I did, however, enjoy putting together a letter of such – a newsletter it might better be described as, to give friends and families an update on our family and the past year.  I would include a few photos – usually of holiday or special event.  In time the cost of doing so, and the few responses brought me to a point of deciding to forgo that tradition. In some ways, this blog and its predecessor (www.rvcalgary.blogspot.com) took over some of that.

Of course, this also includes pictures and videos that could never be referenced in a note.

Time marches on and as 2018 comes to a close soon, and Christmas will soon be upon us, I am looking at cards and notes that are being received, mostly at the office but some here and some by email. It was so nice to hear from the Lutterells this week and to remember their kindness to us.  A note from Ray Harris also landed in my inbox when he bumped into a session mate of ours who, though having left officership, has lived in Winnipeg for many years. Having chatted with her he thought of some of us and sent off notes. How very kind to hear his encouraging words.

Of course, it’s time for our annual Christmas dinner at THQ and this past week we gathered for food and fun.  Below is a quick look at the music and the room.


We also did some serenading down the street at our Thrift Store which is very close to THQ. We took staff, employees, and officers for two days and went caroling. Below is a short clip of that event!



Thursday smile

Phil and Amanda put a landline in the house so that Carlyle, now 5 years old, can call. She loves to answer the phone or pick it up and she’s a naturally chatty and joyful little girl. I was thinking about the kids who will likely never see a landline in the future or will not be aware of the rapid development of communication that has happened over the past 25 years.

I stumbled across this little ad and smiled at the relevance of its day.Screenshot_20180814-060451

And one more image just to let you smile…


Father’s Day is just around the corner….

Dad and Leanne at the cottage

I’ve just asked for one thing this year…new golf shoes.  I think the ones I have now I bought 15 years ago, not that that really matters but yes I would like new comfy golf shoes.

Father’s Day of course always reminds me of my own Dad and a million memories of fishing at the cottage, driving in the country side and stopping for root beer at A&W, praying together at the Sunday morning prayer meeting in Scarborough, learning to drive, getting my first razor, listening to him preach…and well I could go on for some time.  It’s been a long time since his death in 2002 and we all still miss him.

TV Dad

I saw this in my Twitter feed today and while I’m not convinced that they got the list right for best TV Dads it is a good article and pays tribute to the example and legacy of a good Dad.

I’ll miss being with Jason and Philip on Father’s day – yes I really will – but will likely be spoiled by Wendy!

By the way – the only thing better than being a Dad is being a Grandpa!