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Thursday smile

Phil and Amanda put a landline in the house so that Carlyle, now 5 years old, can call. She loves to answer the phone or pick it up and she’s a naturally chatty and joyful little girl. I was thinking about the kids who will likely never see a landline in the future or will not be aware of the rapid development of communication that has happened over the past 25 years.

I stumbled across this little ad and smiled at the relevance of its day.Screenshot_20180814-060451

And one more image just to let you smile…



Father’s Day is just around the corner….

Dad and Leanne at the cottage

I’ve just asked for one thing this year…new golf shoes.  I think the ones I have now I bought 15 years ago, not that that really matters but yes I would like new comfy golf shoes.

Father’s Day of course always reminds me of my own Dad and a million memories of fishing at the cottage, driving in the country side and stopping for root beer at A&W, praying together at the Sunday morning prayer meeting in Scarborough, learning to drive, getting my first razor, listening to him preach…and well I could go on for some time.  It’s been a long time since his death in 2002 and we all still miss him.

TV Dad

I saw this in my Twitter feed today and while I’m not convinced that they got the list right for best TV Dads it is a good article and pays tribute to the example and legacy of a good Dad.

I’ll miss being with Jason and Philip on Father’s day – yes I really will – but will likely be spoiled by Wendy!

By the way – the only thing better than being a Dad is being a Grandpa!

Happy birthday Phil

Phil is in school this week as he continues to upgrade his skills as he works his way towards being a Paramedic.  This is a fairly complex system from my outside view. He has shown such tremendous resolution to keep going but then what would you expect from Philip?!

I get to see Amanda and Carlyle today as I jump over to their little town from Edmonton where I am attending a conference for a couple of days.  I’m very excited about seeing them…and hopefully I’ll see Phil before I head home.

hiking up Cougar Creek together

As we celebrate his birthday my memory is stirred to remember all the previous birthdays with cake cupcakes (without icing – he didn’t like sweet things) and friends and bowling or whatever the activity would be.  But activity had to be part of his birthday!

Today we celebrate the wonderful man he has become – a husband, a father, a professional who is anxious to help others.

Happy birthday Philip.