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A few years ago – well quite a few – Wendy and I were driving across Saskatewan in the middle of winter. While it was cold – really cold – it was sunny. We were passing farm after farm that was deserted, left to rot in the elements. I decided to stop and take a few photos that testify to a once active home life with children, farm animals and a working family.

I enjoyed those days of travelling across the prairies and while the time to travel was sometimes a challenge in the midst of other challenges in the schedule it was fascinating to see other parts of Canada.

When CTV aired their first season of The Amazing Grace Canada I was amazed that everywhere the contestants went I had been at some point in the past few years.

What a wonderful country we live in. The geography is incredibly diverse. I hope you get to see more than your corner of it!


Saturday drive is for the turkeys

What a surprise to drive along the coutry road and see so many wild turkeys…not butterball….out in the snow pecking for food!  Further down the road we came across about 20 ot 30 of them together and as I approached with my camera they took off!  I was having some trouble seeing them on the screen of the camera so it’s not the best video I’ve ever posted but it let’s you see them flying up into the trees!

Yes we really are working!

In the midst of a very cold February can I tell you how wonderful it is to be in sunshine at 15 degrees driving along the shore line looking at the white capped mountains along the BC coast?  Okay – if you’re suffering in the snow and cold I’m sorry to raise this again…but it really has been wonderful. A respite.

When we’re home and I have time I have some great photos on my G15….right now here’s some from my Samsung phone….

In Vancouver awaiting the flight to Campbell River

Nanaimo Corps – in the sunshine

Yup – it’s spring on Vancouver Island

Looking out on to the Inner Passage

Mountains in the distance

Working in small groups in Nanaimo

Blue sky

This was a great day

We love Coombs BC