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Cougar Creek revisited

Since the flooding of Canmore and Calgary in 2013 we have not been back to see the area especially the Cougar Creek area near where Amanda and Phil live.  Tonight Amanda and I went for a walk up the creek and words fail to communicate what we saw.  The work in repairing and setting in place a better flood management system is well under way but frankly – it is immense!

So here’s some photos from April 2011 and from tonight.

Standing in the canyon

Walking on the frozen creek

Enjoying a hike father and son

Now to the view of this during the flood….

Not much explanation needed there…. the deluge of water, mud, rocks, boulders, trees and debris
from the mountain.

Now tonight we found this….

The new water diversion area

Gravel everywhere

A debris fence

See Amanda – it’s a huge structure

A very tame cougar creek now

In the midst of the debris zone some trees survived

Ready for the next flood


For Canmore – Noisy Locomotive

Following the floods in Canmore a number of people have asked how our kids are!  I’m happy to say they are well – and they don’t live in Canmore anymore.  They moved to the town of Tofield AB in January for Phil’s work.  They do miss Canmore and I suspect that one day they may either be back or in the neighbourhood.  Phil pointed me to this great video from The Noisy Locomotive.
Enjoy the toe tapping music!

Banff photography

Isn’t it amazing how the threads of life connect?  When we were in Ottawa I connected with Doug Ward.  He had planted a church in Kanata and we worked on the Billy Graham Mission in 1998.  We were reconnected lately through Arrow.

I discovered that he has a son-in-law that is a photographer in Banff.  You can get to his blog here.  With Philip and Amanda in Canmore it seemed like an interesting connection that we both had kids living so close to one another.

So check out Zizka Photography.