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Watch for the Emmy

Jordan has many connections to us – son to Terry – employee where I am – we have lots of opportunities to see him. After Christmas, I was asking about any acting jobs he has had as he has been trying to break into the local television/movie industry. Jordan tells me he was in a Starbucks commercial that never aired but this one is being used on the internet. (do companies put more money in internet advertising than television now?)

So here’s Jordan – he comes second in the commercial – the one with fake hair.



Christmas means decorations

Christmas day is fast approaching – and of course, that means a few days to be together with family, celebrate Christ’s birth, eat lots of good food and reflect on Christmases of the past. Our home is feeling more Christmas like, as is your’s I imagine, with decorations up and a tree lit for the festive season!

Merry Christmas friends!

Praying for Rachel


It might not be serious but anytime one of our loved ones is ill we naturally are concerned.  And of course when it is one of our grandchildren we wish we could rush to her side to give her our love. Turns out Rachel – she’s younger in this photo – is in hospital and so because we cannot be by her side we reach out in prayer.

That’s the wonderful nature of prayer – it reaches beyond geography.  It reaches beyond time too. The invitation from Scripture is to cast all our cares on Jesus. This isn’t a magic wand kind of action, but that God who is the author of life can bring healing and life to any situation.

So we pray for little Rachel that she will be held in the arms of God tonight and healing will come through modern medicine and the hand of God.