Invitations to speak

Wendy and I have a few invitations to speak – virtually of course right now – but still, they are invitations. I’m always amazed that anyone would ask us to speak – as King David said, who am I and who is our family – let me finish the sentence, that you would put us in a place to speak.

Who am I that God would allow me to speak? I am not a great speaker, I am not a renowned speaker and for that, I would ever be grateful, for I think the great danger of being a recognized speaker, when it comes to the Word of God, is that you can easily begin to think that people are coming to hear you. From there it’s only a step or two to a very dangerous place where you can find yourself standing between God and His people.

When I go to listen to speakers and they are peddling their books more than telling of God’s grace, when they list their accomplishments rather than being in a posture of humility and when they tell me who they know rather than pointing me to Jesus, well I know they have fallen into that dangerous place.

In the picture above, Jesus is in the center of the table. He’s the Rabbi, He’s the Messiah, He’s the one who is about to sacrifice Himself for the sins of the World.

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