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Bermuda visit

I rarely get to visit our work in Bermuda but this year we had the privilege of traveling there twice. The setting is wonderful – not tropical, but certainly sub-tropical.

This time it was a combined visit for our NAB meeting, the farewell to the TC and a visit of the CSS/Bermuda Congress.

We did manage to arrive just as Tropical storm Jerry was approaching the island but the storm was not severe and our plans went off as intended.

So here’s a few photos to sum up our trip, which proved to be very profitable.

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Thanksgiving reflection

It’s been a while since I posted and I am reminded how quickly time passes. I wondered aloud the other day if there are fewer days in the year now.

It’s Thanksgiving weekend and I am reflecting on the events of this past year that makes me feel thankful for.

I am thankful for:

family – the love of our lives!

health – after another scare with my vision, I am, through the grace of God and modern medicine able to see better than I have in years!

education – how I have loved learning and continue to do so

our country – though we have political and social troubles I am grateful to live here in Canada – consider the sufferings of some like Syria, Afghanistan, Haiti, Venezula…and so many more.

our faith – it seems hard to believe that so many have no faith, or have left their faith when there is little in this world or the present age to give hope

Wendy – she’s been faithful to me, loving to me, supportive of me… and much more… for over 40 years. I have said from time to time that “I don’t deserve her”.  What I mean is, that she is such a good woman and has overlooked my faults and failings so often.

Jesus – different than just faith. The person of Jesus is my Saviour, my companion in life and death.

So that’s just a few things of what could have been my list.

Great Biblical preaching

I’ve sat under many corps officers. Some young, some older, some well educated and some not as much.  I have never sat under a better preacher than Lt Scott Allen. Hie preparation is obviously well developed and his maturity, energy and presentation really make him a good speaker.

Biblical teaching is alive and well where he is on the platform.

I just wanted to record my appreciation.