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Autumn is in full swing

After a particularly warm September and October we are finally into autumn weather…why do we talk about the weather so much? Wierd – don’t you think.


Dad with Ida and Billl (older siblings)

Yesterday would have been Dad’s 87th birthday. I wondered for a bit what he might be like? And then I thought about what he is like – in heaven! I really have a belief that we are all we could have been, might have been on earth without sin. In other words – our best self. So rather than wish Dad to be here I was thinking how wonderful for him to be there!


Today we celebrate David Luginbuhl’s life. Another man of faith who had an influence on many.


Hashtag storm

The weatherman – can I say that – or should I say weather person….at anyrate someone who watches the weather forecast for us says this is the the snowiest day in Toronto in two years. The hashtag (also known as a sharp) #OnStorm is trending on Twitter.

Snow storms here are not very common – not like the storms I’ve experienced in other parts of the country – Newfoundland, Alberta, New Brunswick. No the storms here are different in that they are usually warmer, usually the storm is shorter and usually the resources thrown at cleaning it up are much more extensive.

So today…and I should mention my good neighbour Rod came after lunch with his snowblower and cleared the driveway….is a bit of a snow day, but not like much of the country experiences more often.

So people of Canada, try not to laugh when we say we’re having a snow storm. We understand it’s an Ontario storm.