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Learning to write

Rachel is now in school and learning so many different things. Last night’s video chat featured time to sit and show Grandma and Grandpa what she could do. Her joy in being able to write her own name was evident. Then she drew a picture of her and Grandpa and wrote “Grandpa” on it! She was so proud.

Her joy in learning runs through us all. There’s very few of us who aren’t publicly or privately thrilled to learn something new.

For some reason as we age many people stop pursuing learning. Even reading the latest books or taking a night class keeps the learning going. It’s good for your brain!

By the way, that’s me and Rachel in the picture if you couldn’t tell. And I was reminded again yesterday what I have learned since becoming a Grandpa. This is a blessing from God that is hard to match.


Our Skype princess

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This summer Rachel has really taken to Skype – not that she has her own account, she uses her Mom’s or Grandmother’s account. It is now not unusual at some point in my day to get a call on Skype from her. She is becoming quite a conversationalist too.

On this day she had her tiara from her birthday party. So of course, she had to put that on. She usually wants to know where Grandma is when she calls and sometimes Wendy is able to join us. It is always a delight to get these calls, and as you can imagine we are amazed at how she is growing and developing. She is developing into a lovely young girl.

I wonder which one of the grandchildren will be next?