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Reflection on a Sunday am

Yesterday it was 20 degrees in Canmore, today Amanda says they awoke to snow. That’s living in Canada – that’s living in the mountains. Even here the weather is cool and very very wet. Rain has been persistent and low-lying areas are dealing with localized flooding. Living in the context of our weather makes it a constant choice of conversation and that’s being Canadian.

It was great to connect with Cath and Noah last night. 20170506_195648Last evening the Canadian Staff Songsters were in Oshawa for the band weekend – yes the songsters were the guests for a band weekend. The place was packed. That might tell you something about what people are looking for. I really enjoy the sung Gospel and many of the songs that the CSS is using right now are Scripture in song. I don’t think there’s anything more powerful. If there is one thing that is equivalent to this might be drama – especially that the musical. Hosea, Spirit, Jesus Folk were all great artistic presentations of Scripture. I hope at some point someone comes on the scene with that kind of talent and energy as we saw in the Larsson and Gowans partnership.

Tonight starts the Quebec divisional review – the territory reviews the work of the divisions every three years. We begin tonight in Montreal. I look forward to these conversations.

Lots of changes

These are busy days for most with Christmas coming…and of course with Christmas comes some wonderful opportunities to say we care, to be with family (hopefully) and to have a few days to relax.

Last Saturday evening was the inaugural public performance of the 20161208_085227fb_img_1481158955498Canadian Staff Songsters. They were featured in Christmas with The Salvation Army at Roy Thompson Hall. Here they are in formation. Of course, they sound great, but I was very proud of the hard work Wendy has done in the organization of this group.

Last week we bid farewell to the Vincents and the Tillsleys. We are going to miss Mark and Sharon, their presence in the territory but especially to work with them at THQ. A sound, caring couple with great insight and zeal. In a few days we begin to move desks on the 7th floor.

This being Christmas time, there are images that are creeping up on the internet from long ago and here’s one. This is Shirley Temple standing on the kettle in the USA.

The Salvation Army needs as many supporters as possible throughout the year but at this time of year especially.

Speaking of Christmas and The Salvation Army here’s a video by Steve Pavey that is humorous and creative. I hope you enjoy it and your day!

Canadian Staff Songsters

This is day two of auditions and interviews for those who are wanting to join the CSS. I’ve been surprised, but glad, to see how far people are coming from across Ontario.  So those who thinking this is going to be a Toronto-centric may be surprised too.

“The Canadian Staff Songsters will endeavour, by its example, to set the standard for all aspects of Salvation Army vocal ministry, including worship, evangelism and integrated mission, in the Canada and Bermuda Territory.” – Colonel Mark Tillsley53677-can_berm_map_sa_flag

It’s been fun listening to the auditions, getting to know the people who wish to join the group, and hearing the chatter of those nervously waiting!!

Groups like this are fun to be part of and so you can imagine that many people would like to be part of the group – truth be told I would love to join….still thinking about it.

It would be nice if we could have people from every division in the group but that’s the reality of this territory – it’s huge.