From a hill I know healing waters flow

The Salvation Army in the UK has been publishing on You Tube for some time and I love the subjects they pick and Major Anne Read’s presentation – her easy way  engages my heart and mind.  Here she is in the City of Bath.

Here’s a contemporary version from Saytunes (California) and here’s the original tune used in a brass band arrangement.  And finally the words to General Orsborn’s song below.

When shall I come unto the healing waters?
Lifting my heart, I cry to Thee my prayer.

Spirit of peace, my Comforter and healer,

In whom my springs are found, let my soul meet Thee there.

Wash from my hands the dust of earthly striving;

Take from my mind the stress of secret fear;

Cleanse Thou the wounds from all but Thee far hidden.

And when the waters flow let my healing appear.

Light, life andlove are in that healing fountain,

AllI require to cleanse me and restore;

Flow through my soul, redeem its desert places,

And make a garden there for the Lord I adore.

(Chorus) From a hill I know,

Healing waters flow;

O rise, Immanuel’s tide,

Andmy soul overflow!

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