Lynn Russell PTG

Everyone once in a while we get a phone call that you don’t really want to take. The other evening, just after supper we received the news that Lynn Russell had been promoted to glory, a term which we use in TSA to indicate that someone, who loved Jesus has passed away but is now in the presence of Jesus.

This is sad news, very sad news and her passing was so sudden that the shock of it reverberates across her family and friends.

When we landed in Calgary in 2000 she was one of the first people to meet us.  She called the house and asked Wendy if she wanted to go for tea and pie.  When they returned I asked what did she want to talk about. Nothing, in particular, replied Wendy, she just wanted us to feel welcomed and to say hello.

That was Lynn – she was, for our 7 years there, a constant encourager. She felt the struggles of life, like all of us, and she had her fair share, but she seemed to always have a smile and her hospitality was renowned.

I can’t say how many meals we had there, or even the occasional Christmas dinner if she thought we were going to be without family.  She was always busy but not to busy for others.

After we left Calgary she stayed in touch and we often visited with her as she opened her home and heart to us. Conversations were always about faith, Jesus, family and…with Wendy quilting!

She became a quilting buddy with Wendy as they learned that art together. They visited quilting shops together, compared projects, bought fabric together and laughed along the way!

We also were welcomed to her place in Christina Lake – a lovely BC community. A number of times we arrived with our trailer and she hosted us for a few days. She made life enjoyable and was always generous. Of course, her generosity was to many.

In the years since Wendy’s phone would ring on a regular basis as Lynn stayed in touch! Or Wendy would say, I’m going to call Lynn and off she would go to have a lengthy and lively conversation. Wendy always came back into the room encouraged and happy. She wanted to know about our kids – how were they doing, how were the grandchildren?

One of the first times we joined her in Christina Lake I took some video of the area and her. Below is a short, unfortunately, poor quality, but you’ll see and hear her as we walk to the beach. She loved her place and the community. We loved visiting!

As her kids have put on social media – devastated at this loss and missing her!


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