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How we began

camping20789This is not actually meant to be a blog post that is simply reflecting upon the past as much as it is a look back at how we as a family got into camping. It is true Wendy and I tried going out in a tent – once – and you’ll note by our camping trend that wasn’t quite what we were looking for. I love the outdoors and like eating outside, being outside, even watching a big storm while out camping. But tenting wasn’t for us.

Then we planned to take a vacation in the USA.

But as we were getting ready to go, Wendy fell ill and it turned out that she need her gall bladder out.  Because you can’t go to the gall bladder removal centre at the mall and just get it done, we found ourselves with a week and not too many options. So we contacted a relative you owned this small C class motorhome and asked if we could borrow it. Filling up the tank with fuel was about a week’s pay so we didn’t go too fcamping30789ar from home.

We headed to a wonderful campground near Barrie Ontario where these photos are from and while Wendy lived on soup and crackers we had a wonderful time camping with the RV. Because we had little extra cash and for a while, we ran a children’s camp we didn’t pick up our first trailer for a while. But this week did convince us that we would enjoy being a family out camping. And I have to say, some of my favourite photos are from that week. Here’s just a couple.

Angels and sayings

 I believe that I have had one encounter in my life with an angel – he knew too much about me in a very short time and simply “disappeared” after giving me a message of encouragement.

I guess I won’t know until I arrive “home” in heaven…but I’m fairly certain.

A few years ago we were on vacation with our friends Les and Tiffany and I started a play on words about Wendy.  My Dad use to do this with us as kids… he would say things like “where’s the fire – chief?, where’s your stool – pigeon?, how’s the tea – bag?”, where’s your suit – case?”

Yah – kind of corny but I would laugh heartily at my Dad’s wit…and then my Mom would join in and the game to come up with another one was on!  (That was before my two sisters arrived and ruined my perfect existence…have I mentioned that before?)

At any rate – to get to our time with Les and Tiffany – I was telling Wendy “You are the cherry on my sundae, the tea in my bag, the cream in my coffee, the…well you get the idea.

It was great fun and we too tried to come up with a dozen different ways of saying  I LOVE YOU.

When I found this on Pinterest I had to copy it for here.  A reminder of that sunny day with good friends.  And of course it is true – Wendy is The Love of My Life!!