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Hashtag storm

The weatherman – can I say that – or should I say weather person….at anyrate someone who watches the weather forecast for us says this is the the snowiest day in Toronto in two years. The hashtag (also known as a sharp) #OnStorm is trending on Twitter.

Snow storms here are not very common – not like the storms I’ve experienced in other parts of the country – Newfoundland, Alberta, New Brunswick. No the storms here are different in that they are usually warmer, usually the storm is shorter and usually the resources thrown at cleaning it up are much more extensive.

So today…and I should mention my good neighbour Rod came after lunch with his snowblower and cleared the driveway….is a bit of a snow day, but not like much of the country experiences more often.

So people of Canada, try not to laugh when we say we’re having a snow storm. We understand it’s an Ontario storm.


Snow photos from the past

Just outside the hotel at Lake Louise the fresh fallen snow was laid heavy upon the branches and fences around the property.  An area on the lake near the hotel was being cleared by a small bobcat and people dressed very warmly walked close together in the minus 25 temperatures.  As the sun darted in and out from the fast moving clouds up high in the mountain I could hear the high pitched noise of the bells jingling.  I expected, as you might, that the horse drawn sled would have a group of tourists enjoying, as best one can enjoy a sled ride at those temperatures sitting on wooden benches, the afternoon excursion through the beautiful scenery.

Instead to my amazement came not a sled with people but one with a snow plow.  I had never seen a horse drawn snow plow.  When I was very young I remember watching along our street in Winnipeg the horse drawn milk wagon.  The milk man dressed in white would run from house to house while the horse knowing which houses to stop at (I’m not kidding – he did) would pull the wagon down the street.

At any rate… this is one of my favourite photos from the mountains of Alberta and one of my great memories.  What a delight to see something so unique.  It’s unique right?  I mean have you seen one of these?

Speaking of other great snow memories – here’s Wendy by our little car, a 1978 Honda Civic, and I believe this is a honeymoon picture.  I know you are saying… “what?!!! – a honeymoon in the snow?!!  What – ????  Okay I was poor and we got married in winter.

But it is still a great photo of my great partner in life – and it couldn’t have been too bad – we will celebrate 35 years of marriage in February.

A summer day on the mountain

So what do you do on a summer’s afternoon?  Maybe lie on the beach or stroll through the shade of a park?  Maybe you like to make your way to the local ice cream shop?  And then there’s Phil who likes to climb on to a glacier and play in the remaining snow atop a peak in the Rockies!
Why does he like to do this?  Well we could thank Tom and Mike for the introduction to the mountains in 2001 when Phil and I went with a group they led up Mount Rundle.  We thought we were going to die before we got down…more from bleeding feet than anything else, but we learned and Phil has loved it ever since.  I expect one day to see a photo like this with Amanda and Carlyle right beside him.