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The Canadian Staff Songster – Go Forth

The next video from the CSS visit to Brantford is Go Forth – another gorgeous piece. Rachel does a wonderful job on the piano as always. Turn up the volume.



Canadian Staff Songsters

I decided recently to put a few of the videos that I have of the CSS here – they are only recorded with my Samsung phone, but they came out remarkably well. So here’s the first one – a Len Ballantine composition from the Psalms – Whom Have I .


Christmas music

Is there anything more Christmas like than Christmas music? And when it comes to Christmas music Salvation Army bands are well known to be on the street corner and mall. Though getting into a mall in Canada is close to impossible these days! Note the bias in my comment – yup, I think it’s a shame.  Anyway….

Here’s a video that IHQ put out in 2014 that takes you around the world in one carol.