A historic moment

I can’t go into a great deal of detail on this site, but I was thrilled last week to be part of a historic moment as the governing council brought to life a new corporation. The signing took place in the small conference room at the Toronto Grace Health Centre in our newly renovated hospital….

Amazing evening

Every once in a while, we get to have an experience that has nothing to do with Fred and Wendy and everything to do with the reputation and work of The Salvation Army. This past week was one of those experiences. We enjoyed a most remarkable dinner at O’Brien house on Meech Lake, QC. This…

General John Larsson was with us last night to talk about the 1929 High Council – the retired General put together a great research project to bring all the pieces of this historic event into a fuller light. His book 1929 is fascinating. There is a summary of the book on this You Tube video….