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The third round table

This is our third aboriginal round table and I’m delighted that this is taking place in Northern British Colombia at Camp Mountainview.  Shari is leading the group through a conversation about the benefits of the north and how that can benefit the larger Army.

The group is also being affirmed on how their faith and culture meet.

This is an exciting group and many leaders, formal and informal, are in attendance. I am slowly getting to know the communities and some of the people.

Here’s the formal picture and below is the more informal picture!


Florida for a couple of days 

It wasn’t a long visit but it was great to be able to spend some time with Leanne, Jacob and Hannah today. We chatted up quite a storm, turning back the clock a few times, reviewing the highlights of the past few years and bringing each other up to date. We looked at photos, a few videos and cheered for our kids. We even managed to talk some USA politics.

Lunch was delicious and I got to watch some of Hannah’s ballet lesson.

The weather is enjoyable….nice and hot, though Leanne feels it’s too hot. 


Now on to a couple of days vacation.