Canadian Keswick Conference Centre

Two of my best summers were spent at Canadian Keswick Conference Centre – a wonderful retreat/vacation spot on Lake Rosseau.  It was over 620 acres as I remember it.  I first posted about it here.  That’s turned out to be a very popular blog posting with people coming there almost weekly.  Seem Keswick lives on in the hearts and minds of many.

There is also a Facebook page for Keswick – and recently some great photos were posted there.  Here they are here:

Many choices in accomodation

Recognize Warren Wiersbe?

It was a great lake!

The long driveway – the boys would often be called to sweep it!

A large property

The gardens, steps – everything given great care

The boathouse is to the right

The Hotel looked out over the lake

We spent hours on here when the guests were eating

The Chapel – could seat 650


One thought on “Canadian Keswick Conference Centre”

  1. i have fond memories of attending the Keswick Conference. i was about 7 years old when i attended with my parents and siblings. it was so much fun!! Sad that it closed…

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