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Video time

I remember many years ago – probably in the last 1960’s my uncle Jim (who is near my age) getting out his Dad’s super 8 movies and putting them on the projector for us to watch. There on the screen was the grandfather I had never met. I don’t remember if there was sound but I saw him with his friends in their hunting camp with some of their prizes. It was amazing to me that I could see him smiling, moving about, enjoying the day. And it was captured on the screen for others to see.

Photography has always interested me but there’s something about catching the sounds and actions to be able to see in the future. The capturing of the whole is amazing.

So I have been doing more and more video with my camera so that I can capture some of the important sounds, voices and faces as they are at the moment.

Below is a small video I did from our visit to Jason and Susan at Christmas.

Visit my You Tube channel for more. By the way – you won’t find a couple of our grandchildren on there but they are loved just the same.


Christmas Photoshoot

Wendy and I were, as already mentioned, in St. John’s for Christmas. Of course, we had a wonderful time with the kids and there were lots of toys to play with and hugs to go around! One of the things we decided to do was put the kids in their new clothes and have a short photoshoot on the stairs. I think the photos turned out fairly well.

Trying to get the twins to sit still while I got out my camera and flash was interesting. We had just one set of tears for a moment but then we were away full speed. Not all the photos turned out as they were bouncing around, lying down, spinning around – it was so much fun! The ones I did get are good and this is a sampling.



Christmas has come and gone and we’ve returned from our visit with Jason and Susan, Rachel, Ted and Beth blessed, overjoyed and glad that we had such a good time together. The days go by so quickly when we are with these busy, busy kids and every moment has some action in it.The weather wasn’t too cooperative so it was a struggle to get out, but we did enjoy playing games, eating good food and listening to this little voices that filled the air!

Here’s a few photos to highlight the week we were together.


Rachel was the photographer for this shot!
A compilation of photos featuring many smiles
A game of Jenga Quake
What is this girl thinking?
A wonderful game the kids loved