Family day

Family day never comes around that I don’t think of the day that Phil fell off the side of Lady MacDonald – I think at age 15! Is that right Phil? A broken wrist and a couple of good gashes in the back were all that happened. I am so glad it wasn’t worse. A lesson was learned, that’s for sure.

With our family so spread out across the country we can’t take advantage of the day as we might wish and on the other hand the day provides an opportunity to do some things that we can’t do other times.

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In order therefore to celebrate family here’s some photos from over time together….as family!

Hashtag storm

The weatherman – can I say that – or should I say weather person….at anyrate someone who watches the weather forecast for us says this is the the snowiest day in Toronto in two years. The hashtag (also known as a sharp) #OnStorm is trending on Twitter.

Snow storms here are not very common – not like the storms I’ve experienced in other parts of the country – Newfoundland, Alberta, New Brunswick. No the storms here are different in that they are usually warmer, usually the storm is shorter and usually the resources thrown at cleaning it up are much more extensive.

So today…and I should mention my good neighbour Rod came after lunch with his snowblower and cleared the driveway….is a bit of a snow day, but not like much of the country experiences more often.

So people of Canada, try not to laugh when we say we’re having a snow storm. We understand it’s an Ontario storm.

Carlyle is four today

We are celebrating a little girl’s birthday today. Four years has passed since she came into our lives and even though she lives far away she lives in our hearts every day. We carry pictures of all the kids on our phones – on our desks – on the walls of our home! We love our grandchildren and we love Carlyle.

She is energetic, fun-loving, imaginative, sensitive and very smart. She has the ability to analyze, memorize and a wonderful memory. She loves purple – like her Mom. She loves veggies and protein boxes from Starbucks. She loves the outdoors.

And she loves her family – especially her little brother.

A few thoughts about us as a family and our interests.