A new start

In 2005 I started a blog – Hybrid Thoughts – on Blogger. It’s been 11 years of posting thoughts, photos, videos, and links. At times I’ve been serious and reflective, other times I have been a bit goofy….yes I admit this part of my personality.  Hybrid Thoughts began because we had moved to Calgary and I wanted my parents to be able to experience what our kids and we were in  our new home. At first, I had been emailing photos but those were the days of dial up and lots of buzz, click, buzz…taking a long time to get one photo across the internet.

The idea of a blog came from Jason who suggested I could post photos and then all our family could see what we were doing. I experimented a bit with this and that until Hybrid Thoughts was born.

The new start is a switch from Blogger to WordPress – a change of platform. My thanks to Phil who worked to help me pull over the past 11 years of posts – unfortunately, they did not all come over. Yet, I will pick this up and move forward. You’ll see some changes – some differences for sure. I am working at understanding how this platform works so if you can be patient, it will get better over time.IMG_0301

From across the country

Last night was a historic night. For the first time ever, on Google Hangout we had Jason, Susan, Philip and Amanda, Wendy and I PLUS my Mom all on a video chat! Philip the miracle worker had sent my Mom a smart phone for her to use….and got her hooked up to Google Hangout.

Technology is wonderful when it works to help us out.

450 PAPE

Last night’s news featured a story about this address – one many a Salvationist would recognize as the site of our unwed mother’s home from many years ago. Described in the media as a mansion – well old mansion – it is indeed a huge property and one that saw dozens of young women reside in during years past. It was also the place where Wendy’s Mom worked for a number of years. She was the house mother.

If you want to learn more about the current story you can go to  http://toronto.ctvnews.ca/mansion-in-riverdale-sets-the-scene-for-horror-film-it-1.3029802 .

A few thoughts about us as a family and our interests.


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