Alexandria, Virginia


I made my fourth trip to NHQ this week.  I’ve attended for discussions on candidates, program, and business. I can’t say I’m a regular fixture but I’m getting to know my way around and some of the folks there. Apart from the discussions which are always interesting, I do like arriving in time to explore old Alexandria where people like Robert E. Lee, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and many other notable figures lived.

The area has kept a real charm and walking King Street with the shops, restaurants, and decor give you a feeling of “old towne” character. It is really nice when the weather is good.

This time it was very warm and humid but storms going through were flooding the streets.

I took a long walk and was fascinated to see all the scooters – electric and apparently for rent. They were everywhere and how they are charged and how you rent them or unlock them is a mystery to me. I was going to do some research but haven’t yet. Below is a couple of pictures of some of the people I saw using them.


When I was down by the river I was taking some pictures and noticed that there was a plane under the bridge.  As I zoomed in, as best I could on my phone, it seemed to me that it was a 747 with familiar markings.  See if you agree, but it appears to be one of the 747s that are Air Force One when the President is on it.

20190710_074831-collageWhat do you think? Is it?


Friday file

As part of my regular week, I have a series of board meetings, one on one report meetings, off-site external meetings and planning and collaborating with a series of departments, people and stakeholders.  It’s just the nature of work these days. If you think you can work in isolation, well you’re headed for disaster and a great deal of wasted time for yourself and others who will need to mop up the mess.

But today, I  have the time for reflection, for review and for writing. It’s a rare day.


I’ve also got a copy fresh off the press of the new CSS CD… (why are we pressing CDs? in an age of downloads… I don’t understand).  At any rate, I’m listening to the production and it’s very good.  The sound is clear and accompaniment is complimentary without being overpowering. I really do love the sung Gospel and the pieces that are based on Scripture are my favourites. If you get a copy listen to “Bless the Lord, O My Soul”.img_20190705_095632

This week I received in the mail a copy of Great Mentoring, a new book by Doug Ward and Sharon Simmonds.  These are friends I am connected to from Arrow though my friendship with Doug goes back much further.  Doug, a Baptist pastor from Ottawa, Kanta to be exact, and I became acquainted through our work on the Billy Graham Mission back in the late 1990s.  We’ve stayed in touch and in recent years had quite a few connections including dinner in Banff where his daughter lives when our kids were in Canmore and we would both find ourselves in the valley around Christmas.

Today is the Calgary Stampede parade to mark the beginning of the Stampede week. Through the miracle of technology, we are able to watch – and it’s cool and wet in Calgary today.


Since it’s now July I have included a picture from 6 years ago of Rachel having ice cream on July 1st. We love being grandparents!

A few thoughts about us as a family and our interests.