Why I carry a camera

Grandma R with Ruth and Wendy

 I was going through some old photos and came across these of the Redbourne side of the family.  Wendy’s family loved picnics and celebrations – in fact they had many gatherings that were good fun – especially if Grandpa R was in the room.  He had a multitude of songs and poems and jokes.  He always offered me a “cold one” though he knew I wouldn’t drink beer, and he always made us feel like they were delighted to see us.  He was a very charming man….not tall but charming.

Barb listens to Ruth

A few people in these photos are gone now, and I did their funerals including Grandpa & Grandma R and Barb too.

We’ve lost a few family members – only natural of course – but they are not forgotten.  Those we love live on in our hearts – and in the photographs we take.  So you might wonder why I always have a camera with me, or almost always.  Here’s one reason as you look at these captured memories!

A hot day – seeking for shade

So let me encourage you – get out your camera – take some photos while you can.  Photoshop is powerful software but it can’t create memories you didn’t capture!

Grandpa R’s 70th birthday

Grandma & Grandpa R

Meghan & Adele – she’s all grown up now!

Keith & Jean

A New Year’s Day gathering

Grandma R

A family who loved picnics

Ruth with her Dad on a birthday

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