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The cost of parenthood

Who knew that when we welcomed Jason and then Philip into our home as newborns what the journey would look like. Apart from the good Lord, we certainly had no idea. From diaper rash, cut lips, bruised legs, hurt feelings and the occasional rash of anger or upset, there have been lots of challenges. Once the boys met wonderful young ladies in Susan and Amanda, it seemed like their launch into adulthood was coming full circle and they would head out to be families on their own and we would observe from the edges and be glad we were dealing with some of those issues over again.

The truth of the matter is, however, that new worries and concerns replace the old ones. Parenthood seems is not for the faint of heart. In fact with two boys becoming four young adults and then two families with children growing quickly, there are additional demands on the heart of the loving parent.

Don’t mistake my comment to imply that parenthood is a burden – it is far from that. There is so much joy on the journey – so much love to be celebrated that it could never be called a burden. But there are dynamics in life that mean we worry about our kids and grandkids, which is natural – isn’t it?

So below are a few pictures that remind us how things change over time and represent the growing nature of our family. We love Jason and Susan, Phil and Amanda and all the grandchildren – Rachel, Ted, Beth, Carlyle and Fitz! And we look forward to what God will do in their lives in the years to come.


Christmas week

The gifts are bought and most of the food is in the freezer or fridger….a few shortbreads sit in their dangerously easy to open container on the counter.  Mom is on her way with my reminder for her to bring her stocking – cause we all know Santa keeps track of all the good kids.  Our tree sparkles with the decorations and once again Wendy has made her magic happen for it to look familiar and yet a little different from last year.

Amanda, Phil and Carlyle have had their Christmas as he’s working on Dec 25th and they sent us the most darling video of Carlyle playing with her new little kitchen.  She’s a darling and it looked like Amanda and Phil were having a great time with her.  Next fun goes to Jason and Susan as they get ready to have the twins experience their first Christmas and 3 year old Rachel winds up!

How recent all that seems to have happened to us and yet here we are seeing happen for our children and their children.  I think it is at these moments that time seems unfairly fast.

Since we will have no kids with us this year I did get Wendy to buy me a small toy….soon to be revealed under the tree!  If I can’t play with their toys I’ll get my own I thought.

What will your Christmas look like?  Whatever it is I do hope you’ll enjoy the day, remember the days of greatest joy and celebrate the greatest gift of Joy – the Prince of Peace – Jesus.

What is an answering machine?

Our church service normally includes a time when the kids gather at the front of the church and there is a little time just for them.  Two weeks ago it began with the gal who was leading asking the question: “Does anyone know what an answering machine does?”

Now you and I will know what an answering machine is, in fact we’ll have a picture in our heads of the little machine that the phone is plugged into…but like typewriters answering machines are a thing of the past.  So I was wondering what would the kids say?!!

The first response underlined the leap in technology and the age gap…

“It’s a machine that gives you answers.”

Yup – she has probably never even heard of one let alone seen one!

Perfect answer!