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Down memory lane

My grandfather, Arthur Edward Waters, came from England to live in Hamilton Ontario near the beginning of the 20th century.  He was a carpenter and eventually married and began a family in this small city.  Wendy’s family likewise finds it’s roots in Hamilton.  Her maternal grandparents lived down by the beach strip where the Burlington bridge now sits. This area is now becoming a popular place to live and many of the old properties are being bought up to be replaced by larger more expensive homes.

A small fair use to be along the strip and Wendy’s Mom sold cotton candy and her parents had a concession stand in it.  This is the area where as kids the Redbourne clan would swim in Lake Ontario and where life was centered.

The red door

So over the Christmas break we took a drive over to Hamilton and Adele and Wendy had a “down memory lane” day.  We had lunch at Hutch’s and then visited around the east end of Hamilton even stopping along Parkdale at the address where their Mom and Dad lived when Adele was born.

This is where I lived
Let me see who is home

Why I carry a camera

Grandma R with Ruth and Wendy

 I was going through some old photos and came across these of the Redbourne side of the family.  Wendy’s family loved picnics and celebrations – in fact they had many gatherings that were good fun – especially if Grandpa R was in the room.  He had a multitude of songs and poems and jokes.  He always offered me a “cold one” though he knew I wouldn’t drink beer, and he always made us feel like they were delighted to see us.  He was a very charming man….not tall but charming.

Barb listens to Ruth

A few people in these photos are gone now, and I did their funerals including Grandpa & Grandma R and Barb too.

We’ve lost a few family members – only natural of course – but they are not forgotten.  Those we love live on in our hearts – and in the photographs we take.  So you might wonder why I always have a camera with me, or almost always.  Here’s one reason as you look at these captured memories!

A hot day – seeking for shade

So let me encourage you – get out your camera – take some photos while you can.  Photoshop is powerful software but it can’t create memories you didn’t capture!

Grandpa R’s 70th birthday

Grandma & Grandpa R

Meghan & Adele – she’s all grown up now!

Keith & Jean

A New Year’s Day gathering

Grandma R

A family who loved picnics

Ruth with her Dad on a birthday

Family – home is where the heart is

The Redbourne Family 1980

Over the past little while I’ve been posting photos from my side of the family….so to be fair here’s a photo, I believe it was January 1, 1980…perhaps one of Wendy’s family can confirm that!  We had been in the habit, as part of the Redbourne tradition to gather on New Year’s Day as a family.  I obvioulsy had my camera with me and got what I consider to be a pretty good family portrait.  The lighting is a bit off with the sunlight, but it is the sunlight that gives it that warmth!  Of course what will strike us as a family are the members that are no longer with us…Barb, Grandma and Grandpa (who never failed to offer me, though I never took it, a COLD one!).

Jean, Grandpa, Grandma, Keith
Grandpa’s 70th birthday
Adele and Meghan