Mercy Seat from Montreal Citadel

From Montreal Citadel

In my quest to record photographically as many of the old Mercy Seats as possible, I have a photo from our trip to Montreal.  This one isn’t as old as some of the previous ones I have recorded, but it is still an important piece – dedicated in memory of Commissioner MacMillan I believe.  Unfortunately I forgot to get  a good close up of the plaque on the front!

Montreal Citadel has relocated from their historic site on St. Catherines Street.  But I believe this Mercy Seat has followed the good folks to their new location.

If you’re familiar with this one – let me know if you recognize the details on the front plaque – or if you know what it would say because you’re familiar with it let me know- leave a comment or email me.

This precious place of prayer remains a reminder of God’s forgiving nature – his deep desire to see all receive His promised abundant life – no matter who we are or where we come from – God is love.


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