Mercy Seat from Montreal Citadel

From Montreal Citadel

In my quest to record photographically as many of the old Mercy Seats as possible, I have a photo from our trip to Montreal.  This one isn’t as old as some of the previous ones I have recorded, but it is still an important piece – dedicated in memory of Commissioner MacMillan I believe.  Unfortunately I forgot to get  a good close up of the plaque on the front!

Montreal Citadel has relocated from their historic site on St. Catherines Street.  But I believe this Mercy Seat has followed the good folks to their new location.

If you’re familiar with this one – let me know if you recognize the details on the front plaque – or if you know what it would say because you’re familiar with it let me know- leave a comment or email me.

This precious place of prayer remains a reminder of God’s forgiving nature – his deep desire to see all receive His promised abundant life – no matter who we are or where we come from – God is love.

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  1. lrsop says:

    I did the history of this mercy seat the weekend they officially opened the new building. Got the info about it from Major Don McMillan (R), father of Commissioner Susan. The plaque bears the name of Commissioner Christine MacMillan, an ancestor of this family, not Commissioner Christine who was a former TC of the Cdn territory.

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