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Long distance grandparents

Back when we were young parents (think pre-cell phones, pre-Oprah, pre-cd’s, pre-iPod, pre-911…well you get it) my parents went to live in the UK for 3.5 years.  They were long distance grandparents.  My Mom did some neat things to keep in touch and to create memories for our kids.

Now it seems it is our turn – but now we have Google hang-out, smart phones, internet and many other ways to be in touch.  I think Google hang-out is one of the best tools in our arsenal.  AND it let’s you capture images off the screen to keep in your Google+ account.

Sunday night we had a chat with Jason, Susan and Rachel and they had some Christmas hats out – here’s a quick glimpse into some of our fun!

Rachel smiles and grabs a hat

Rachel tries another hat

Three hats – three smiles


Rachel and her new mattress

In the midst of a very busy day with many deadlines looming this wonderful picture arrived!  Here’s sweet Rachel on her new mattress beaming away like she just got an invitation to ride a pony.  You can see she’s on the quilt that Wendy made her after she was born.  Each of those squares has an embroidered center – see this blog post for details – and of course it is stitched together with love.

I’ll post a follow up to this because while the mattress is new, a very special bed is also about to arrive.

Shhhh!  Don’t tell, it’s a secret.

Small town Alberta

Not Abbey Road

 Small town Alberta is if nothing else quiet!  If we want to rest this is the place.  Though we don’t drive in town so rest and exercise seems to be the combination and of course both of those are good for us…at our age.

Tomorrow we are going for a hike Phil style…but with a baby in tow it won’t be over mountain and valley.

It is wonderful to be together and to have a few days of family time.  Being a grandparent is wonderful and watching your own child raise their own child is amazing.

We are enjoying the big blue sky and the clear air – this is a long way from the smog and hustle of Toronto!  Could I live here?  Could I settle into small town living?  Sometimes I think I could.

Following the walking path

Baby toes!