Ice Road – Yellowknife

 Looking out on the lake

These photos are from March 31, 2008, and a visit to Yellowknife.  This part of the world is very pretty – a harsh climate that shines when the sun comes out and the snow gleams!  The sky can be very blue here.  We had time to go explore the ice road just outside of Yellowknife.  The ice is thick – to say the least – of course trucks are on it.

The ice is dark too as you gaze into the deep water.  Beneath the ice is some big fish – I love Artic Char though I’ve never done any ice fishing up here. 
The Ice Road begins
From 2007 to 2011 I travelled a fair amount in the north – and I really came to love this part of Canada.  I enjoy the people of the north too.  They are the present day pioneers – they love a challenge and have hearts ready for adventure.  When I talk to people in “the south” they sound like they are afraid of the north.  
True the winters are long – the days dark, but equally during summer the days are long!  Very long.
I’m so glad to have had this opportunity and am grateful for how this has informed my view of Canada.

There’s an Ice Castle on the Lake

Houseboat in the Ice

Walking on the Lake

Cold but sunny – we love it!

Wendy grabbing a photo by the road

Looking thru the ice road

How thick is that?

Walking on the road

Here comes an Ice Road Trucker!

These are wide highways

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