Rest and reading

Wendy reading

Both Wendy spent last week reading in the shade enjoying the sounds around us and the warmth of the day. It was, without doubt, one of the most restful weeks we’ve had in a very long time.

I’m planning a blog post on the book I was reading and look forward to getting that in place soon for it has been a very good book.

One of the joys of this week was being near, on, and in the water. I spent my growing-up years at the cottage and my summers were all about being near, on, or in the water.

happy days at the cottage

I don’t particularly remember this picture being taken but perhaps my Mom does. My memories are many of being at the cottage. I think that is part of why I enjoyed this past week so much.

still waters

stopping by to chat with the neighbours

Evenings were for the most part given over to fishing followed by a good cup of coffee and an interesting chat. Rick and Alison are easy to be with and we were blessed.

Isn’t it interesting how restful it is when we are around water?

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    yes being by the lake every year when I was a kid holds so many happy memories, canoeing with my sister, fishing with my Grandma in the boat in her pink overalls, the water brings a calming effect so happy you enjoyed you holiday there

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