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Facebook I’m almost done with you

When I joined Facebook there were about 70 million users. Seems like a lot of people. Today there are approximately 1.86 billion. Now that’s a lot of users! More than half of Canadians log on and the number keeps growing. The calculation is that there are 10 to 20 million users who died since they created their accounts and their accounts are still active.

I’ve already told Wendy – if something happens to me – don’t let me live on-line! I don’t want a happy birthday Fred message showing up after my funeral! (yes there will be a funeral).

But you may not have to wait until my death to see my profile disappear. Apparently someone trying hacking my account, and the amount of rude political debate has almost got me to cancel my fb account.  Now you need to know there are two accounts that are mine on fb. I have one with a gazillion friends…well people who know my name. I don’t use it like I once did and frankly I’m losing interest. Secondly I have a family account – 23 members only and all family. Sorry friends – no one but no one gets in this group who isn’t family. This account will likely stay…so I know what you’re doing.

Which raises the question for me – are people still really interested in connecting on fb? Am I the only one who rather have a conversation – or go for ccoffee or send a card?



From CS Lewis

The thing I notice about CS Lewis’ writing is the efficiency of his words. He says so much with so few words.

These words to his dear friend MARY WILLIS SHELBURNE, who he corresponded with is a good illustration of this truth. It is also a good illustration of his ability to get at the underlying issue and say it with conviction and clarity.

I think we can all grow in understanding of our perspective of life.

17 June 1963

Pain is terrible, but surely you need not have fear as well? Can you not see death as the friend and deliverer? It means stripping off that body which is tormenting you: like taking off a hair- shirt or getting out of a dungeon. What is there to be afraid of? You have long attempted (and none of us does more) a Christian life. Your sins are confessed and absolved. Has this world been so kind to you that you should leave it with regret? There are better things ahead than any we leave behind.

Remember, though we struggle against things because we are afraid of them, it is often the other way round—we get afraid be- cause we struggle. Are you struggling, resisting? Don’t you think Our Lord says to you ‘Peace, child, peace. Relax. Let go. Underneath are the everlasting arms. Let go, I will catch you. Do you trust me so little?’

Of course, this may not be the end. Then make it a good rehearsal.

Yours (and like you a tired traveller near the journey’s end) Jack

If time was a commodity would it beat Apple’s value

Every birthday brings us closer to the realization that we are rushing toward a day when we’ll stand before our maker.  Not everyone would agree, some might say there is nothing beyond this life but rest…that death is death and silence in the grave proves it.  My belief is that I do not live in the land of the living but in the land of the dying and death brings a release into eternity that promises:

no more death or sorrow or crying or pain. All these things are gone forever.” – Revelation 21

As I think about the value of time I’m haunted – occassionally – that I’m a waster of time.  I think about the hours spent doing things that have not proved me to be a better person, to have advanced my character or aided me in making a difference in the world.  I am certain that this is true for most people and I suspect that it has to do with our propensity to take the road of least resistance.  We are creatures of comfort.  I also suspect that we are this way because we do not entirely appreciate or understand the value of time.

Consider the question; “if this were your last day on life what would you do?”

Immediately our lens focus changes and we think about people we should talk to, places we would visit, loose ends we would tie up.  I have a friend who works here who knows she’s dying.  When I talked to her it was a very different conversation.  There was focus to her living.

I wonder at times if we could buy and sell time on the stock market what would it sell for?  My guess is that it would far out value Apple stock.

Well that’s my thought for today….

What are you thinking about?