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Redeeming the time

Has there ever been a person who didn’t look forward to a restful vacation? Perhaps there has been but it wasn’t me, at least not this year! I could hardly wait!

Our trailer continues to age and each year I open it up in spring while holding my breath! Will the roof be leaking? Will the fridge start? Will the propane system be safe?

We are well into summer 2017 and enjoying our getaway spot. Here’s a few photos to make you wish you were with us!

Summer is a wonderful time! Join us at the lake….



My phone is nagging me

I can’t believe it, but my phone is after me today to be more active. I know the iWatch by Apple has people standing up, in the middle of meetings sometimes, and we are able to be helped to be more active but really. I was a bit annoyed today when my phone suggested I should be more active….really? I walked like crazy yesterday when we were out shopping for Christmas presents. Can’t I get a bit of a break here?

I’m a Samsung user and this is really great software that monitors how fast I walk, where I walk, what pace I am at, even where my heart rate is….

But please no nagging!

Small town Alberta

Not Abbey Road

 Small town Alberta is if nothing else quiet!  If we want to rest this is the place.  Though we don’t drive in town so rest and exercise seems to be the combination and of course both of those are good for us…at our age.

Tomorrow we are going for a hike Phil style…but with a baby in tow it won’t be over mountain and valley.

It is wonderful to be together and to have a few days of family time.  Being a grandparent is wonderful and watching your own child raise their own child is amazing.

We are enjoying the big blue sky and the clear air – this is a long way from the smog and hustle of Toronto!  Could I live here?  Could I settle into small town living?  Sometimes I think I could.

Following the walking path

Baby toes!