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Marble Canyon 2015

In 2015 Phil and I went off for the day from their place in Canmore down towards Radium BC.  It was a great day and one that I would love to repeat. The weather was good, we had some great conversation and we were OUTSIDE. We both love the outdoors.

Of extra interest in this video is that you can see the trees impacted by the fire that roared down the valley – I think it was about 9 years prior.

Just at the end of video Phil says let’s go! It was beginning to rain and a storm was quickly approaching.



A short retreat

It’s still one of our favourite places to go. We just love the Lancaster PA area – the slow pace, the wonderful food, the entertainment and the way in which we just seem to slow down for a few days whenever we go.

This time we returned to the hotel we stayed at years ago when we first vacationed in this area with the boys. We took in “Jesus” at Sight and Sound and also “Swing” which was a dinner theatre featuring music and dance from the 1930’s and 40″s.

Here are a few photos from our time away!

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I couldn’t help myself.  I had to sing “take me out to the ballgame, buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks….”

Wendy and I had a chance to get to a Jay’s game, not something we do too often, but the IT department were attending so we went with them.  First to supper locally and then on to the game. The Jays won convincingly over the Red Sox which added to the fun, but it was great to see the team with loved ones in hand and in a relaxed setting.

We decided, fortunately, to leave at the bottom of the 7th evening and made it to the safety of the car just as the heaven’s opened and the rain fell…as they say – in buckets!

Below – pictures from inside and outside the Dome!20180810_2113281