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Seventeen days of adventure

I’ve long said being a grandfather is one of the great roles of my life.  These kids are smart, energetic, full of laughs and innocent as can be! Innocence is, in my opinion, one of the great strengths of childhood and should be protected, as long as possible, at all costs.

Our three grandchildren are on the move and so in the midst of that move they came to be with us for a few days of adventure.  We did lego, coloured, made crafts, ran through the sprinkler, ate freezies, had lots of cool snacks, went for walks, played with the peddle tractor, had the little cars out driving around the mat (in the shade), blew bubbles, played (toy) golf, read books, went out for kid’s meals, and played Barbies.

Did we do it all? Probably not but we sure did lots of great things. It was an adventure.  Did I say that already?

We managed to squeeze in a few days at the trailer too!  That included the pool, the beach, bbq’s and sleeping together in the trailer.  Did you know kid’s love using the toilet in a trailer?!

Here’s a small video from our time at the trailer!  You can see more on my channel.



I didn’t see that coming

About three weeks ago, I was looking forward to flying to St. John’s to bring back to Ontario our three grandchildren.  It was something I had been looking forward to for many weeks and was very excited about. Then came the realization that my retina was detaching.

Perhaps you’ve had one of those moments where you know something is wrong but you really don’t want to admit that it’s happening. I reluctantly revealed to Wendy what I felt was happening and off to the hospital we went. I was right and surgery was planned for the next morning.

The trip was cancelled and our plans needed to change dramatically.

The good news is that the grandchildren still came – it was just that Jason had to fly instead of me, and in hindsight that turned out to be a good thing.

And in the end, while the vacation with the kids needed to be adjusted I think they had a good time. We still ate ice cream, played together, got to the trailer, the pool, the lake! We still were able to have fun just being together.

Wendy was amazing – she looked after me, the kids, still worked in the morning and evenings, had events for the kids, took them places, did all the cooking, the driving, the cleaning! The bulk of the fun was because of her! So thanks Wendy.



Alexandria, Virginia


I made my fourth trip to NHQ this week.  I’ve attended for discussions on candidates, program, and business. I can’t say I’m a regular fixture but I’m getting to know my way around and some of the folks there. Apart from the discussions which are always interesting, I do like arriving in time to explore old Alexandria where people like Robert E. Lee, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and many other notable figures lived.

The area has kept a real charm and walking King Street with the shops, restaurants, and decor give you a feeling of “old towne” character. It is really nice when the weather is good.

This time it was very warm and humid but storms going through were flooding the streets.

I took a long walk and was fascinated to see all the scooters – electric and apparently for rent. They were everywhere and how they are charged and how you rent them or unlock them is a mystery to me. I was going to do some research but haven’t yet. Below is a couple of pictures of some of the people I saw using them.


When I was down by the river I was taking some pictures and noticed that there was a plane under the bridge.  As I zoomed in, as best I could on my phone, it seemed to me that it was a 747 with familiar markings.  See if you agree, but it appears to be one of the 747s that are Air Force One when the President is on it.

20190710_074831-collageWhat do you think? Is it?