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Happy 90th birthday

My Mom comes from a family of girls – well not all girls – there is one brother, but when there are five sisters it seems like it is a family of girls. I grew up with my grandmother and aunts! Along the way, uncles joined the family – John, Don, Richard, Ray, I watched them build and repair around the cottage, join us for family occasions like Christmas. They were all so very different from one another. But I always enjoyed their being around.

The eldest of my aunts is Eileen – though I grew up knowing her as Bubs. She has now had her 90th birthday and below she is pictured with my Mom and Aunt Freda. She’s also in the B&W photo with my grandmother and all the sisters. She’s the tallest with the big fluffy hat. She was always one to dress (and drive) with style.  I remember her red Impala convertible – with white leather interior. The next car (a couple of years later) it was a white Impala convertible with a red leather interior!

So now she’s 90 years of age and still living on her own. Happy birthday Bubs!

Parliament Hill

It was a delight to share with The Canadian Staff Songsters a visit to the home of Canadian democracy, our parliament buildings. Here where our government leaders including Her Majesty’s Loyal Oppostion, govern our land we stopped and prayed that they might have wisdom and be used for justice and peace. 

After a warm and encouraging worship this morning it was a milestone for the group to sing in the rotunda in the a Centre Block.

The rain began just as we were boarding the bus for home. It was as if the Lord allowed a time to witness of our faith as a capstone to our visit.

Return to Ottawa

Wendy and I left Ottawa, with two teenage boys in 2000. This weekend we are returning along with the Canadian Staff Songsters. Wendy is the Executive Officer but this weekend I get to tag along.

The intention of the group is to sing the Gospel and to model how a good songsters group supports The Army’s ministry. 

Ottawa was a challenging but rewarding appointment.  A building renovation, 2 mission trips, leadership development and more were highlights. And Ottawa is such a gorgeous city. We enjoyed living there.

We look forward to seeing some friends and sharing in the ministry of the weekend.