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Fitz Waters is now 3!  Sorry, no pictures….but he’s as cute as they come.  He’s all boy!  He loves cars and trucks and making the roaring sound of the engines.  He can do “be do, be do, be do” if the truck is backing up.

He seems to love telling me about his cars and trucks and he’s not prone to whisper.

He loves lining up his cars – he’ll put them in long lines and then move them one by one by one along “the road”.

Fitz loves his sisters, his Mom and Dad and his grandparents.  When we do a video call he loves to get close to the screen and tell us what he’s doing.  When we called yesterday to say happy birthday he was eating berries and watch CARS 3.

We live too far away but maybe not forever.

It’s wonderful being a grandpa!!


The Shields UP

The building, that is 2 Overlea, has needed some work done on the building envelope and specifically the windows. The company awarded the job ran into some trouble and it has dragged on much longer than anticipated.  So when I saw the sign being hoisted back into place it was great to know we are near the end.

The sign went up rather quickly!  But from the 7th floor (in the CS’s office as he was away) I got some pretty good shots I think.

When in St. John’s


The opportunity to travel for business gives me a great opportunity to see our grandchildren ! This weekend I was able to spend some wonderful time with the family. I delivered the Easter treats and we were able to have supper together.

The kids are growing up so quickly and it was fun to see them and listen to their voices as they laughed, whined, chatted, argued (with their siblings) and talked about what they liked and didn’t like.

Do you ever notice how honest kids are? They tell it how it is. And they had lots to tell me. They told me how much they love being together, they told me what restaurant they like, they told me when they were sad, when they were happy.  They told me what they thought of their siblings. They are great kids and I loved being with them.