Two quilt shop visits

We’ve been visiting quilt shops for many years. When we moved to Calgary Wendy got herself involved in quilting and since then her interest in that hobby has grown. I think she’s got 5 machines at present including my Mom’s Singer Featherlight!

While in BC we dropped into the quilt shops in Salmon Arm and Armstrong. These are both lovely shops and while I don’t go in to look at fabric, I do lend Wendy my keen sense of colour coordination!

Salmon Arm

Wendy seemed to really enjoy this shop and yes, did buy some lovely material.

My job is usually to find something unusual to photograph or talk to the owner….

This shop the folks weren’t quite as engaging so… the unusual photograph is below.

not so unusual I suppose

The Armstrong BC quilt store was a bit more fun and the ladies were really chatty! But for some reason I didn’t take a picture while we were there. However, a couple of days later Alison took us to another shop and next door was this great coffee shop …. but oh, look!

Well, the area is beautiful and the drives in the countryside never seem to disappoint.

dusk at White Lake

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