A week in BC

I always have said generous people are happy people. Well, we were with two really happy people this week – that is not to say they don’t have challenges as we all do – but Rick and Alison really are joyful people and certainly generous. They had invited us to their home on White Lake which is very much a beautiful gem hidden away along the shoreline. We took them up on their offer and spent the last week with them.

Sorry not to be blogging, but we had eating, laughing, fishing and swimming to do!

The dock and lake

I will have much more to share in the days to come, but safe to say we had a wonderful time. Of particular interest to me was the garden and I took lots of photos and a couple of videos.

It takes about 9 hours to drive there from Edmonton.

The drive through the mountains is lovely and makes the long drive seem very enjoyable. The sun was out the whole way and though the roads were busy we made good time and enjoyed the entire trip.

And the view! So beautiful.

what a view

You can’t help be taken by the view from the house and we settled in quickly enjoying the hospitality extended to us and the setting.

Oh, and we had other friends there.

the boys

Oliver and Ebenezer also made us feel welcome and they soon were following us if they thought they might be missing out on something!

The first morning I went down the dock and caught a couple of otters out on the lake – the video isn’t the best as I was looking into the sun, but it gives you a glimpse of the lake.

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